Last Thoughts

Last Thoughts: As a man takes his final breaths, he recalls his life’s most striking moments.

Directed by Paul Burke

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  • Luka

    Very nice!-)

  • Jamie Johnston

    It’s refreshing to see non-digital footage these days. Beautifully shot. Very atmospheric. Loved it.

  • shani

    very well shot and edited. loved it!

  • Lee Flynn

    This is a stunningly beautiful complex film. It’s a deep film with contemplative metaphors. It reminds one of the continuity of life. A beautiful treatment for a difficult issue – the loss of a parent or loved one.

  • John Sanderson

    Nice film Paul

  • erica

    a beautiful film. loved it.

  • Judy Fairchild

    Thank you for sending the link I was unable to get it to play. Most likely my non-tech skills. I am anxious to see it on my return from Washington State

  • Ryan Neely

    Like, dude. I totally didn’t understand this flick bro. It was like airplanes and babies and bridges and stuff. Lot’s of pretty colors though. Sweet.

  • orea

    intriguing and thoughtful.

  • Sukari Addison

    I certainly could relate to this film. Very well done.

    Wishing you great success.

  • jaytee

    A lot of damn goodlooking poetry there. The wink of an eye.

  • Ellie Deeney

    Eyes are filling up. So moved and so grateful. Technically gorgeous. Quietly speaks more than dialogue. A beautiful film. A beautiful man. You captured the title. Love it!

  • George Dirkes

    This is a wonderfully sublime and subtle piece. It is worth watching twice (or maybe more often) to get all of the meaning. I loved it.

  • Kathye Toussaint

    Life so fleeting and yet so bountiful. Thank you Paul Burke you put it right into our hands. Continue to massage and mold, make us reach and stretch our own worlds

  • Hamou

    Wow, Very nice and beautiful job Mr Burke. I hope your movie will make it.

  • Genevieve Ames

    Oh My!! Everyone should see this film. What clips of our lives do we bring to mind on those last moments of this life – before we move on? The cinema, sound, color and messages the film portray come together to a truly moving experience.
    Thank you Paul Burke for giving us this gift.

  • john ames

    An extraordinary film of the most extraordinary moments of an extraordinary man. The love, and
    benefits of this film will stay with me for a great length of time.
    Thank you Paul Burke = gratitude

  • Seemo

    Loved it Paul! It gave me time to take a deep breath during the day. What’s next? A war film, Jamie as pale Nazi and G, the lone Scottish combatant looking for retribution for the rationing of whiskey.

  • Amy

    Go Paul!

  • Nadine Hunter

    Well shot and edited fim with meaning. A beautiful film in honor of your father, Dennis. We all miss you dad and he would be proud of you. Wishing you much success in the future of film making.

  • Nadine Hunter

    i thought you tried too hard.

  • nancy stretch

    A beautiful film on many levels, complex yet accessible, emotional yet rational; thoroughly enjoyable. Thanks so much

  • Jim McCoy

    Magnificent! Dennis was a wonderful person. One couldn’t “try too hard” to portray the joy of life overflowing in this man. Paul, you do him honor, even knowing you’ve captured only the smallest hint of the richness of his spirit. Bravo!

  • Margot DeKorte Lewis

    Congrats, Paul – superb film!!! Truly enjoyed it – thanks for sharing your talent with us all.

  • Pat Flanigan

    Paul, Congratulations on your beautiful film winning the competition. Jerry adds the same comment. Keep on filming as your wonderful dad would have wanted.

  • kay hasell

    I thought it was about 9/11.

    Thanks for the explanatory comments correcting my interpretation.

  • Kevin Thompson

    Another Burke masterpiece! When ever shall we collaborate? I really liked the audio, and of course the film. Cheers from Scotland bru!

  • cristhal

    Subtle and Powerful at the same time you really touched my heart.

  • Jaci Marks-Callahan

    Paul.. is this you? From Ross? I talked to your dad and step mom a couple years ago in June… they said that you and Amy were having a son! Anyway,…. I assume you won’t reply, (I have been very strange over the years!) I want you to know that I have been praying for you and your family. I talked to your dad just before he moved to SoCal and prayed with your step mom. I am on my 15th year of marriage!

  • Jane Austen

    Some beautiful shots. But like Ryan, I don’t understand.

  • Bonnie

    Jump cuts; I hate them so much. This guy had the worst life ever if this is what he remembers the most. Also Gerry Curtis needs to learn some better skills, I personally did not like the blue to orange shots of the waterfall/dam place. The only nice scene I saw was of the aeroplane, and the cameraman couldn’t even keep it in shot! Also the buzzing in the industrial style place was gross, it’s not that hard to cut it out! (It was probably intentional, lolol). One more thing, the wife person doesn’t like to be remembered at any age but young. Also Jaci, please take your “Personal Message” SOMEWHERE ELSE.