La Casita (The Little House)

La Casita (The Little House): Everything changes when Grandpa Sal receives devastating news, but then his seven-year-old granddaughter turns it into spiritual strength and hope.

Directed by Perla de Leon

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  • Manwell McClean

    Dear Reel 13
    My name is Manwell McClean, I wanna vote on the short “La Casita (The Little House).”

  • Betsy David

    Dear Reel 13
    One I was working at work, when I was done with work, My sister said I could vote for a short so i pick the short “La Casita (The Little House).”

  • Janet

    I got a message saying this video does not exist so I can’t compare it to the other shorts.

  • Cate

    I had the same problem. Looks like the video has been removed.

  • Nikki

    Charming, and honest, and a film that touches you.

  • marcia

    i found this film dull and childish. something done as a high school project.