Just So

Just So: Will our heroine find love? Only time (and flowers) will tell…

Directed by Amanda Dinoto

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  • Paul Ullrich

    Very imaginative and skillful use of cut-out animation.

  • Joan DeSantolo

    Adorable! Very very cute… love the ending. I will watch it again and again!

  • Margaret Ullrich

    Very sweet! Loved the story and the animation.

  • Antonella

    Beautiful film !!! Loved it from beginning to the end : )

  • carol

    Very cleverly done and enjoyable to the end. Good job Amanda.

  • Kim Dalia

    Wonderful work Amanda. Very impressive style and imagination

  • Ro

    Jack don’t know sh…. Anyone who has loved from afar will understand. I loved it!!!!

  • Kristen Boddy

    Jack, if you insist on insulting the film, at least use proper grammar otherwise we are forced to determine that your comment (although already irrelevant since Amanda clearly has a lot of votes in her favor) is also just plain idiotic and without merit. This film is fantastic and I’m so proud of you Amanda!

  • mike

    Jack, if you had any life you wouldnt be on the computer at 4 am anyway. Amanda’s killing it and you’re jealous

  • angela

    From the spelling in your comment, it is obvious that your intelligence is low level leading me to believe that the most intelligent film you ever experienced was Family Guy! This is a wonderful film.

  • Frank

    Perfectly Beautiful.

  • Bob

    Jack could not have put it in better words than he already has. And grammar does not matter when you can get the point across. This is not a spelling B contest and if you want an insult in perfect grammar, THIS SHORT SUCKS BALLS. Foolishly Seeking True Love blows this short out of the of the park. And if you had some common sense you would agree with me.

  • Phyllis

    What a wonderful film. Your skills are great. wishing you the best.

  • Craig

    Alright guys, there is no need to get nasty in criticizing the film or to be nasty back. If you want to criticize the film, be constructive. I personally like the film. I’m not saying that it’s the best film, but Amanda clearly has talent and there is room for improvement. She will be great i she continues working on her skills. This is PBS people..lay off the profanities!

  • Mr. B

    Beautiful art work, well put together,so proud of you.

  • Nikki

    Last year I critiqued a short and people jumped all over me. Personal attacks are not what this section is for. It’s to share opinions and offer up suggestions. As for spelling mistakes, I’m a writer and my father was a writer, and neither of us can spell.

    Just keep in mind that any film-maker who can get his or her project this far along deserves respect. Personally, this short did not get my vote, and I disagree with some of the opinions given here. That said, saying that a film sucks is a meaningless comment. Treat it as such, and ignore it.

  • Bethany

    This film is pretty much amazing. Please make another and then another after that.

  • norma

    great job, great imagination, I loved it, Good luck

  • mike

    jack she made it for school, so therefore it was for school and if you want to talk smack just stop talking tough behind a computer and say it to her face because i’ll be sure to be there to teach you a lesson or two.

  • Joey

    You guys are the greatest

  • Jack

    Mike I am not talking behind the computer I’m talking in-front the computer. And if you want me to say it to her face I will but I ain’t wasting my gas on that so she should come here so I’ll tell her to her face that her movie sucks. About the lessons I could teach you if that’s what your looking for you punk.

  • Donna

    Beautiful film. The hard work that went into this film is obvious. Hope to see more work from you in the future. Great job!!

  • blabla bla


  • Shawn

    I didn’t vote for this film, but I kind of love how terrible of a reaction it has evoked from Jack. He’s putting a lot of effort into defending his opinion on the piece. I think he secretly loves it.

  • Jack

    @Shawn Right, what ever you say man

  • UnimpressedHipster

    It is not getting my vote, however it was very well thought out, and if I had my guess, a very personal story to the writer. Love the broken-down sketch animation and the sound.

  • Phyllis (Auntie)

    Jack…….it’s a shame the way you’re acting and Shawn is so correct. You most likely love the piece but can’t admit it. You should show some respect for others. You could never say it to her face because you’ll need to go through me….and I don’t think you want that….So give it up and be a man. You are the punk and not Mike…I really don’t know why I’m giving you this much’re surely not worth the time. Time is so precious but always remember the wheel turns around when you least expect it……………

  • Chris

    I love this film Amanda. All the hard work in college paid off. I hope your doing well with your optimism job. I miss you so much! And generally when people use swear words as much as you they are usually less intelligent and immature jack! Your going to make me regret it how prove it come and get me. I think there is a way of criticizing a film without using such foul language in a more constructive way. Well done Amanda you did great sorry this punk is being such a jerk.

  • Diana

    wow!! Very impressed amanda!! Awesome piece..I know it took you a long time to complete…I am sure you are very pleased with it….your passion is evident!! CONGRATS ON WINNING!! (Seanes daughter)

  • Stephanie

    Sorry, but it is boring!

  • Nikki

    Pabhukumar – This is about the quality of the film and nothing else. Your personal prejudices have no business here.

  • Amanda

    Love it! :)

  • rick elias

    Great job Amanda! very entertaining!