Jim, An East Village Story

Jim Power, aka the East Village’s “Mosaic Man,” continues his singular lifestyle amidst a changing neighborhood.

Directed by Elvis Maynard

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  • @m@

    I enjoyed this very much! The east village needs to be talked about more!

  • chloe

    Nice piece!

  • shacko13

    Génial! Vive l’art, vive Elvis et vive Jim!

  • Loisaida Evolutionary Arts – Sandra

    Congratulations! Well Done..

  • EVC

    Great doc! I live in the East Village and I had no idea those mosaics were all done by one man.

  • ryan

    Great job elvis… love it.

  • david halladay

    From one who lives in the east village, this film captures the very essence of the east village

  • walter

    bien fait, felicitation elvis! nice work, i’m really impressed.

  • ja

    sux, totally predictable…

  • Fred

    The real New York.

  • Fil

    :) Oh, I’ve never seen this trail.

  • Li

    yes, I think it’s a great short.

  • chinese

    good one!

  • Chris

    Superbe documentaire sur un artiste de rue attachant qui se bat pour imposer son art dans une mégapole ou le politiquement correct régne en maitre. Les personnages sont hauts en couleur, le tout rythmé par des notes de saxo poignantes…Du Grand Elvis!!



  • ellie

    I just read about this on the East Village Feed. Nice piece!

  • Adam Rader

    Elvis, thank you for this wonderful film, we are so glad to meet the artist behind the mosaic works we have admired for so long. Every element of your piece works so beautifully, thanks again, we loved it.

  • bill smithlin

    jim powers is a nasty drunken scumbag. always has been.
    gluing crap to lamp posts wont change that.
    cant make a silk purse out of that sows ear.

  • Darya

    omg, really moved me…I am an artist too, this guy does something that looks like freedom…difficult to describe…but his art gives a sense of independence what America is all about…he should get a total recognition for it>>>:)

  • paperbagmarlys

    Finally, a documentary about Jim! Finally, an EV documentary that’s fairly honest about the sketchiness of life here and not too romantic. This isn’t the best documentary in the world but it’s clearly the one here with the most meat. It gets my vote.

  • bandrier

    sincerement, c’estait super interessant, tu gagne à etre connu mon chére!!!!!

  • Carla

    As a young teen growing up in the Bronx, I love when my mother takes me to the East Village. The music! The clothes! The food! Most of all the people! I have seen Jim’s mosaics and yes, they are a true representation of New York. One day I was lucky enough to spot Jim making yet another masterpiece. This was a great short on one of the best places in the city!

  • jim

    pledge programming sucks

  • Justin

    I liked the saying in this film that NYC used to be the frontier for artists and as they cater more and more to the wealthy that is being lost. Once NYC is no longer that frontier, or place of salvation for artists, then it will cease to be NYC as we know it.
    As I grew up in NY I found this to be frighteningly true. From Disney running everything playing in a mainstream theatre to the closing of CBGB’s to the 40 story luxury condos that went up next to Katz’s Deli, the gentrification is ruining the soul of NYC. It has already begun. A noticeable difference from even only a decade ago. She is not the same living breathing city I grew up in.
    What a shame

  • Michele Marie

    I came to the lower eastside when i was 18… Jim was a great influence in my creative confidence! I helped him with the early lamp posts pretty much as my 1st job there..He bought me coffee and buttered bread,etc.. for payment and in appreciation for my help.. Yeah he busted up some of the work if someone gave him a hard time.. Artistic passion..Inspiring to me.. It’s his brain child..Its frustrating to try to create beauty and be criticized.. it is ultimately the beauty of imperfection which i have grown to appreciate through working with Jim..”WE THE PEOPLE” mosaic I actually did.. and it still is and will always be a great start to an impressive,unique,and enduring beginning…You’ll always be in my heart and history Jim.