In The Bag

In The Bag: While making a bag drop, Charlie impulsively takes the money and runs. Stopping in a laundromat to collect his thoughts, he meets Janet who is making a decision of her own. Together they are propelled toward an uncertain future.

Directed by David Bemis

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  • Garry Pastore

    good little piece nice camera work good luck

  • Paul C.

    Good short film. A colorful group of characters converging on a drop at a laundromat. Only in NY. Great job.

  • Mary Barbati

    Like the music-keeps up the suspense.Good acting and good story.Really like how she gets rid of Alex.

  • michael coffey

    i love it. i posted at more length, but it didnt go through–great pace, sound and mystery. also, i like that it takes itself seriously as a film (not afraid to). great job

  • Cindy L

    What was in the bag?

  • Jane

    Excellent performances, especially by Ms. Heyert. Great little story!

  • Sara Stewart

    Loved the Film. I think the camera work was fantastic! The acting was wonderful as well! Definatly should be on TV.

  • matti

    Very wel done and real

  • Gwen

    I loved this. Prudence Heyert was fantastic as Janet – she really draws you in.

  • Shauna

    This was great- wow! So professional!

  • Frank

    Deft strokes establish characters you want to know more about: any sequel to this Mulberry Street romance? And yes, the music complements the dialogue very nicely indeed.

  • Laura

    I loved it. The characters are colorful and familiar. A great NY story with music that works beautifully. Terrific acting.

  • frankie

    that foxy red head in the car scene. so great!

  • Rita

    Very well done. Clever.

  • stephanie pinto

    funny funny funny

  • greta

    there’s no story here; unnatural dialogue, but visually interesting.

  • Peggyjayne

    Well done congratulations all

  • Aga Prygiel/Maja Persson

    it’s cool.

  • yitzbaby

    Interesting, kind of good