Impressions: When a Marilyn Monroe impersonator on Hollywood Boulevard comes face to face with her stalker, she is forced to confront her own identity.

Directed by Claire Sullivan-Tailyour

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  • Kate

    This film is pure genius!!Poignant and real.
    Vote now!

  • Steve Qi

    What a portrait of a life in LA! Great job, good acting and a very suggestive music score to accompany the picture. Love it!

  • Mara

    This one deserves to win and be seen by MANY!

  • Jazz1309

    Great! I have seen her in Hollywood. So cool there is a film about her now. it probably gets tiring dealing with stalkers.

  • Sarah

    Very captivating…does Marilyn believe that she can never escape her fate as being a celebrity impersonator or is it more that she doesn’t believe that she can be accepted by the rest of society other than as an impersonator, which is why she gets off the bus in the end? Or perhaps she is too caught up in the character she is portraying? Excellent job :)

  • Christopher Jason Bell

    So after she ditches him, the stalker decides to stand where she was and look around aimlessly until she returns?

    Other than that, good film!

  • B. R.

    In the beginning, the direction & camera work of the still life items was nice. That first scene’s lighting was a little too blue/cold for my taste – personally I would’ve warmed it up with an amber gel to make the “dream-like” mood more inviting and nostalgic – THEN, I’d let the bus and street scenes have the cooler blue color balance to show the contrast between the “fantasy” of being Marilyn and the real life of NOT being her. Unfortunately, I don’t think the actress looks anything like the real Marilyn Monroe other than she has winged eyeliner and red lips. That particular wig wasn’t well styled – someone should have fixed that revealing hairline in the Chinese Theater scenes. The white dress/costume was poorly designed & ill-fitting, plus it had no accordian pleats, which the original did. In a simple film like this, with limited dialogue, such visual details in the costume will stand out to audience members who remember The Seven Year Itch and that gorgeous DRESS! The acting was probably the weakest part of the film. The gal was merely ok & was rather unconvincing in the scenes that required her to be emotionally reflective. I did enjoy the music. The piano theme was beautiful and added a great deal to the film. It’s an interesting premise that the gal would go back to her “stalker” and give him a chance to know her. I think it would have made a more interesting film if the plot had allowed her to pull off her wig when she returned to the guy and let him see her as herself. Would he turn and leave her in a moment of clarity and disillusion or would she be given a chance to be “loved for herself?” At the end, the video part shot by the stalker was almost too dark to be seen. I’m not sure if the girl smiled at him at the end or not. I would have liked to have seen that scene shot with a bit more fill light on her face. Good luck on your next film. Keep improving and working on your creative ideas.

  • Zoeoeha

    LOVED the music!

  • Lizzie

    A truly beautiful piece of film making. Incredibly moving and poignant. Great work! I look forward to seeing more from this director.

  • SteveN

    The music in this film is brlilliant!
    Very impressive and heartfelt!
    It sounds like a soundtrack from an “Oscar” movie!

  • tzweiner

    I am not a movie critic but I liked the movie and I completely disagree with B.R. on many points. For example, I love the fact that her wig is bad and that she doesn’t look much like the read Marilyn, and that her dress is ill-fitted. I think all this adds to the impression that she is just an impostor and that’s all she will be. It makes us feel bad for her, it makes us want to help her by suggesting how to be better at this.
    The bad outfit also shows that she doesn’t really care much to be so much like the real Marilyn. It’s just a job. It’s a job that she’s tired of and she doesn’t care much about the clothes.

    She finally realizes tho that this is her only way to be noticed so she comes back to be filmed more by the creepy guy. And by the way, it’s clear why he’s waiting around for her there. That’s her “work place” so he knows she’ll be back sooner or later. She is transparent to him.

    It’s wonderful. There’s so much shown in so little. And the music was very well placed and set the mood exactly right. The movie would have been just as good even without any spoken lines. The music was doing all the talking.

    Very well done!!!!

  • Mathias Daniel


    I tire of people thinking that elements incorporated into certain films are “bad” or “wrong” when they are intentionally made a certain way to say something or raise a question. And B.R., are you one of those Hollywood remake only directors? The first few sentences of your “critique” made me cringe.

    The film – I liked it. I’d love to see a feature out of this director.

  • A

    Great job! I could totally understand this one… unlike some of the others, this one made sense. Great job actually conveying emotions. Wonderful musical score. Far superior to the others.

  • Assia

    loved the music

  • galina


  • Sharyn

    Really moving and an excellent choice of score to accompany it. I’d love to see more from this director.


    Sardan4eto i semeistvo sme podkrepA!!!!!!!!!!!
    nA DOBAR 4AS

  • igor

    the music is from my uncle he is playing piano

  • Nick

    Thank you for the wonderful music!
    Excellent! Fine! Well done!

  • prof. Ivo keremidchiev

    hubav film, prekrasna musika! pozdravi za ekipa!
    na dobar chas!

  • *D*

    Film looks awesome! Music is outstanding – so touching!

  • vihichek

    OOOOO my God super si Georgi

  • Man

    Yes, I love you Maria

  • kozludjova

    Wonderful music!

  • gandi 17


  • Linda K

    I think when two people find each other it can turn into a lovely start. Sometimes you must follow your heart! Just take it slow like going for coffee!

  • Калин Ананиев

    Браво Джордж.Чудесен филм.

  • Tania Novakava

    Супер филм. Успех.

  • tanqa sardanova

    Bravo za filma, 4udesen e!!!!!!!!!!

  • yohan


  • sem. Kanevi

    Bravo, Jorko! Pozdravlenija za hubavata muzika! Uspeh!

  • sem.Karlovski

    Prodaljavai da tvorich,muzikata e mnogo dobra!uspeh v nachinaniata.

  • paco,poli,kati

    neveroqtna muzika,s mnogo golqmo chuvstvo vliza v dushata. jelaem ti na dobar chas i neka muzikata vinagi e v sarceto ti

  • Borislava

    Mnogo 4uvstven film s neveroqtna muzika!Mnogo kusmet:)

  • lili

    This fillm touch the soul. The actors are beautyful! For expression a great meaning have a musik. The composer Slavchev from Bulgaria really has a talent to compose films music and I wish him to have a great success in this area!

  • G.Lyutzkanova


  • Marija Bitola

    Bravo Zorko!!! Fantastichno! Uspeh! Se gordeeme so tebe! Tvoite rodnini od Makedonija!

  • Margarita, Bitola

    Prekrasna e muzikata! Gordi sme so tebe Zorko!
    Rodninite od Magarevo, Bitola, Makedonija

  • Penka Kalinkova

    Interesna idea. Velikolepna muzika.

  • tschongov

    diese musik ist sehr schön!

  • Numti Plovdiv


  • Kyrilflute

    The music -FANTASTIC.Bravo Georgi.

  • Vania Deliyska-Pleven

    Mnogo sam zaradvana i ocharovana.Sardechni pogelania za uspeh S iskrena podkrepa-Deliyska

  • Petia i Valeriy Marinovi

    Neveroiatna musika,gordi sme s tebe Georgi Slavchev

  • Regina Harris

    Beautiful little story!

  • jack smith

    Dear Reel 13
    My name is Jack Smith, I had a bad day but then my sister said I could vote for a short so I pick “Impressions.”
    Love, Jack
    P.S. I accidently lost my wallet before all of that had happend.

  • Sol Weber

    Nice little slice of life, well done, but I voted for it basically because the other two were not very good — the first too obvious (and depressing), the second a little fatuous.

  • Karen

    I think the impersonator should have pulled off her wig when the stalker began filming her and that would have revealed his fantasy was false and she would have revealed her true identity more effectively. I wasn’t as enamored with the film as others.

  • Bonnie

    I love how all the comments are talking about how nice the music is and not the film. Heh, because it was stupid.