Ice Hockey

A day in the life of Danny, a high school hockey defenseman: school, girls, and a legendary next-door neighbor.

Directed by Larry Cohen.

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  • Jared Marcotte

    The sound for this film is excellent. I think sound is one of the most important aspects of a film. If the sound is bad, no matter how well shot or edited, it can ruin a film. Very well mixed. Got my vote.

  • Dave Patel

    Great film…

  • Audrey

    Great film, touched my heart

  • Jay

    Nice film, good work! Go Devils!

  • Janet

    I kept reading about this on Twitter. I’d rather watch this short than one about an aged umbrella salesman!

    I’m also a huge Devils fan and it was great seeing Ken “Dano” Daneyko on the ice again!

    Great short! Hope to see it on the small screen soon.