I Slept with Cookie Monster

I Slept with Cookie Monster: This is the story of one mother’s experience with and eventual escape from domestic violence. Winner of two awards from the Ottawa International Animation Festival for Best Undergraduate Animation.

Directed by Kara Nasdor-Jones

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  • Noralil Fores

    Kara, this is beautiful and awesome. I’m so glad our shorts screened together at Rooftop.

  • ewan

    Brilliant Kara.
    Obviously a true story, told with feeling and some regret.
    The water colors and drawings are very good,Van Gogh ish.

  • skyler

    kara, i am so glad i got to see this at the traverse city film festival!
    i still can’t believe you drew all those drawings. so good! :]

  • Chris Allen-Wickler

    I’m sorry I didn’t get to meet you during the Traverse City Film Festival, but you inspired us so much when we glimpsed you in Ottawa! Congratulations on making a very meaningful film that speaks volumes!

  • Nancy Slaterbeck

    Good film should be shown at all domestic violence programs

  • Blanche Marriott

    This was such a moving message with a subtle hand. I was so touched. It should be a MUST see at all domestic violence programs.

  • Paula Piraino

    This work is brilliant. Such a timely and sadly all too common reality for some women. Wishng you peace.

  • Nikki

    An important message.

  • M.

    Sad and depressing. I am sorry for your experience, and I am glad that you were able to get out of it and end it. But I do not want to be saddened, or depressed. Why can’t this competition be about happier and more entertaining subjects?

  • Heather Morris-Glass

    Beautiful and honest.

  • janet

    to M — yes, it’s sad that this situation happened. But in the end, artists (writers, etc) have to tell the stories in their lives. They can tell other stories, too, certainly, but what happens to each of us becomes the stories that we own. And they frequently want out. Beyond that, two of the beauties of this film (aside from any visual aspects) are the humor and the fact that the artist not only got out of the situation, but was able to tell the story in such a way that it has brought many good things into her life. Truly an example of triumphing over a bad experience. And giving others a hopeful message at the same time.

  • MichaelG

    I liked that though the language and animation were kept relatively simple, the complexity of the issues and emotions was retained: not only abuse but complicity, feelings of unworthiness, imperfect resolution, non-negation of the past and one’s role in it. This truthfully reflects the human experience.

  • David S.

    Not at all what I expected! (Of course, what I expected would have been either surreal or just plain sick, so my curiosity was really piqued!)
    I think topics like this just aren’t talked about enough. This brief, almost poetic narrative gets a lot of important ideas across to the viewer very, very effectively, and that is poetry. And the visuals were JUST RIGHT.
    I thoroughly enjoyed it. Felt empathy for the protagonist, but did not feel burdened because the moments of comic relief — some spoken, some visual — were so well done, so well placed, and restrained JUST RIGHT. Few people can, so early in their careers, achieve comic relieve as good as Hitchcock’s — and he was truly a master, as we all know.

  • liz

    Bravo! First, you overcame a horrible situation. You then went miles passed that experience. The fact that you are raising your child while going to school and work is huge. To create this story, succinctly and with effective imagery

  • liz

    er…excuse me…as I was saying…
    The artwork is powerful! Also, the music pulls it together, never allowing the message to become heavy. This film could have made dark and heavy- and unapproachable. But it reveals itself in such a clever way, that I wanted to cheer at the end. It is created by a brave woman. Thank you, Kara.

  • genuh

    the other two really sucked balls.. this was good. hope your child doesn’t grow up to sell drugs

  • Morris

    A very straightforward narrative that is only enhanced by the animation and visuals. The narrator voice exudes innocence and strengthens the message.

  • Dudu Shalita

    A heart-worming story of suffering ,bravery and optimistic attitude.
    We showd it in the Tel Aviv Animation festival and the audience just loved it.

  • Jeanine Spikes

    I love the feel of your film, Tara, and the fact that your message is real, and also important in that you show how this situation affects the children involved, and that making the right choice doesn’t instantly make all the bad, self-abusive thoughts go away. You hint at the insidiousness of abuse, and show that one doesn’t always know they’re in that type of relationship until they are. Bravo. Your story is important, and the voice and colors and rawness of the images are perfect for the message. Hope you win!

  • Julia

    Words cannot express the respect and admiration I have for Kara and her ability to create something so beautiful out of such a devastating experience. She is amazing, and anyone who can have exposure to her artistic ability is blessed.

  • Annette Blair

    Kara, I commend you in your determination to tell your story, and to do it in such a raw, open, artistic and outstanding way. I felt your pain and I wanted to cheer for you at the end. Kudos. From every aspect, you deserve to win.

  • Doreen

    This is a wow story of today’s society. How sad and coregous. This film is a must for all future, present and past generations who suffered abuse of any kind. You can get out of it. Bravo

  • Ginger Gulsby

    I truly admire you for the strength you have and for sharing your story so poetically and artistically. I will share my own story with you as time provides. Glad to have you on board our team. Look forward to working with you!

  • Rosanne

    Too bad you weren’t smarter BEFORE you became pregnant. If you had waited longer than 4 months to get pregnant, maybe you would have seen another side of this cookie lover. Glad you are supporting yourself and your baby. Too many people like you on the welfare rolls.

  • Rosanne

    So all you want to hear are lies and not what people really think?

  • Stephanie

    I was absolutely blown away by this amazing piece of brilliance! Kara, you are an inspiring person and deserve to win this more than anyone! Kara, when you’re famous someday, I’ll be able to say that I went to high school school with that chick! AWESOME JOB, sweetie!! <3

  • Jessy.

    Incredibly brave and beautiful. Well worded and illustrated. You are a rockstar ninja. <3

  • elexis

    mary louise,

    I have always loved this film! It’s so raw and honest, but beautiful and full soul at the same time…! I am so proud of you, CONGRATS!!! I miss and love you and can’t wait to see what else you get into with your amazing talent.

  • Bonnie

    What the? Write a book instead, PLEASE, possibly a child book.