I Love My Suit

Director: Peter Brogna

A man wears a seersucker suit all of the time.

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  • Lucy

    Great Film! Love it. Peter Brogna is obviously a great talent!
    Beautiful and uplifting end. Excellent work!

  • Darlene

    Great film, charming and well done.

  • Scott Cohen

    Excellent film. Moving, complete and so intelligent. Can’t wait to see more from this director/writer.

  • Colin Swinneryton

    This film has all the the appeal of the Jaques Tati films I rewmember of the late fifties & sixties (i.e Monsieur Hulot’s Holiday & Mon Oncle. It is time that this timeless humour came back for a new audience!

  • Kellie

    It’s so obvious that this film is the BEST of the 3 to be nominated! Vote for it!

  • Linnae

    Fresh and original. This little cautionary tale is fun to watch and yet strangely moving. Pitch perfect performances and brilliant score. This director is on the way to a great future,

  • Professor Michael Sevastakis

    Quite captivating and refreshingly innovative with echos of Polanski’s early surreal film shorts. Peter Brogna definitely has a future in films.

  • Pete

    I love my suit has it all to make it to the top: classic 50’s and 60’s touches, a salute to the era of silent pictures/the golden age of movies with outstanding visual elements. Well done!

  • Michael

    I love this film! And the music is perfect!

  • Regina

    I really enjoyed this film. The actor does a great job with the drama. I would call him a Drama King!

  • JoJo

    I loved it! From the music to the sub titles. Great job, entertaining. It get’s my vote.

  • Cookie Jar

    Incredible film from an incredible director. I played the starring role in the original!

  • Meira

    Great film!

  • Bob Beitcher

    Peter Brogna has great style and a real flair for this kind of material. There’s so much talent here!

  • charlie

    Luv the talent and the story as well thank you
    luv grama charlie
    thanks Michele

  • Tom

    Bringing the silent movie to the 21st century! Love the story-line, the acting, and the humor. I can watch this one over and over again.

  • Jerry Smith

    Very creative. Sometimes words get in the way. Let us not forget some of the great silent films of a bygone era. The Red Balloon will always be one of my favorite flicks. If allowed, the audience can add their own dialogue..or not. Never underestimate them.

  • Mary

    Refreshing, unique, original, creative! Great music and acting. Would love to see more of this!

  • Christopher Bieler

    Visual, stylish, clever, from the heart filmmaking.Loads of creativity jam packed into a brilliant short film. Great music too.

  • Lisa Meriduth

    I love your suit too!

  • Frank Nappi

    Clever, nostalgic and endearing. Very polished. A creative blending of a silent film era character set in a modern era setting. Move over Charlie Chaplin. Good Luck I hope you win!

  • Angela Maltese

    What a wonderful job,Peter !! I so enjoyed this movie and I’m so proud of you. You’ll always be a winner to me.

  • Erhan

    Good job, I can’t believe how you find out this matter

  • Jennifer

    I loved it!!This was a great short film. The best of all three. It was so refreshing to see real talent. YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE IT!! I cant wait to see DO YOU SPEAK FRENCH? Your originality is the best!!!

  • George R. Ramos

    The film is excellent eccept for the fact that the man gives up on life and commits suicide at the end. otherwise, I think Peter Brogna has a lot of potential.

  • George R. Ramos

    The film is great. I want to make a correction to a misspelled word, “Except”. This film deserves a great review without errors.

  • Jean

    I love this! Beatiful work by all.

  • denis forster

    Seeing silent movie motif and acting done today illustrates how different the training and experience influenced how it was done then vs. today. This film was good but I now appreciate how difficult it is for an actor today to act in silent film motif. By the way, one of my favorite all time films is Chaplin’s City Lights.

  • Marilyn Liebenguth

    I enjoyed it immensley.Hope there are more of this calibur.

  • rebecca


  • Ben Price

    This is the way short film should be, brilliant performance, well filmed, simple story

  • Manhattan Short Film Festival

    This was the Best Short of the three in our opinion. Well Done to the director and the crew.

  • Delia Miranda

    I loved it and I would love to see Peter win !!!!

    Please vote for Peter’s film….. :)

  • cira felina bolla

    Cleaver, imaginative and nostalgic! Well done in every way!

  • Phil Radin

    I thoroughly enjoyed this film, so reminiscent of an era gone by. Peter has deftly captured the simplicity of an entertaining story told through acting, music and imagery. Just some of the cornerstones of great filmmaking.
    I hope to see more of Peters work in the near future.

  • Jack Kendrick

    Fun but it drags a bit. I wish it was a little shorter. It would of been a nicer if there were no subtitles and you didn’t see people speak. Music was fantastic! Best of the the three…

  • Frank Davi

    I love my suit too…

  • Jill

    well done! surprising and imaginative…good luck!

  • Dhana Gilbert

    Peter, you did a wonderful job. You deserve to win!

  • tianna

    That was sweet. Really enjoyable WTG everyone involved.

  • spanishurricane

    Great job!! Congratulations!!!

  • mario vasquez

    Exellent job. Masterfull performance and full of vitaliry

  • Kimber Camarena

    Peter! I’m so proud of you and I hope you win!!! See you soon :)

  • Tracy Lynn

    You got my vote…Kept waiting for more…didn’t want it to end….Loved the writing..

  • Tracy Lynn

    Excuse me although my mistake was funny, it WAS a mistake….I meant to say Loved the MUSIC…SORRY

  • Shelly

    I LOVE THIS FILM!!!!! It’s fantastic! The acting by the performer is PERFECT! Hysterically funny with some touching moments! Skillfully put together and without a doubt, the BEST acting out of all three shorts. Best of luck to everyone, but I hope I Love My Suit wins! Thanks for allowing comments!

  • Luz

    Congrats Peter !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    you earned it……:)

  • Frank Nappi

    Congratulations! A job well done.

  • Joe Brogna

    Great work Peter on a job well done, congrats!

  • Lucy

    Looking really good Peter! I have a good feeling that you are gonna get it!!

  • Ray Hennessy

    Congratulations Peter!! I know you put your heart into this short film! GR8 job!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris Goode

    I like it. I like it a lot.

  • Marnie

    A life-affirming work of great charm. Awesome music, too.

  • Taka

    What a great film! I like a lot. Let me see more.

  • fiona heeran

    enjoyed the film
    very entertaining, good job

  • Ali

    A good short, although the huge jump in votes in the last few hours was highly suspicious to say the least!

  • Dr Phil

    Don’t hate the player hate the game Ali. Look at the stats on Vimeo and REEL 13

    The Consultant Votes 2408 – Plays on Vimeo 2114?

    Re Creation Votes 1329 – Plays on Vimeo 1453?

    I Love My Suit Votes 2810 – Plays on Vimeo 4138

    Do you know something you want to reveal to everyone Ali?

  • Sam

    Possibly the lamest film i have ever seen.

  • Dr Kill

    not sure how such a crappy video even got on this site let alone air time on PBS. the style of the film is neither original nor artistic.

    moral of the story, you’re better off dead, so everyone go hang yourself on a fire escape. now that’s a winning story. then you’ll start seeing things in color – really try it out.

  • Oprah

    He He he he! Love the sour grapes from Dr Kill and Sam Maybe they should become filmmakers or even better critics? Check out what this Film and Theater Critic from the New York Times thought of I Love My Suit.

  • stephie

    Loved it..kept me totally absorbed….the best of the threellgreat talent!

  • Anthony Gerard Bieler

    Would like to see more from Mr. Brogna. Loved the B & W.

  • Gabrielle

    Wonderful, refreshing, it made me smile, Mr. Brogna you will go far

  • Michael Sevastakis, Ph.D.

    A film that deserves a place with those classics produced by the Fim Board of Canada.