Hustle and Go

A man’s daily routine may not be all that it seems.

Directed by Garry Gaines.

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  • Stephanie

    I’m not sure this guy has no other options; i’ve seen a film in which this man does ‘panhandling’ as a profession and does VERY well. it was pre our last ‘recession.’

  • Pro shooter

    this is not good ,honestly,shooting is not bad !

  • Judith K

    By the end of this film, I felt I was in tears – a man struggling to succeed and too proud to tell his very pregnant wife. A sad tale of our times. I feel for him.

  • Hm

    I feel this film was very well done. It really hits hard at the reality we are living in. I appreciate the message being brought forward of unemployment and the struggle of many. I was sad to see the lack votes it rec’d.