Gowanus-based Hugo Picciani is 81-years old and loves to keep little old machines alive.

Directed by Paul Lovelace

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  • Tim

    This is the most honest and heartfelt of the documentaries. An honest, brief examination into a simple, yet meaningful life.

  • Jessica

    This is a beautiful film, Hugo is an inspiring man! I cannot believe this was shot on a cell phone, what an impressive and talented filmmaker!

  • FilmBuff

    Two thumbs up!
    Keep your eyes on Paul Lovelace — he is going places!

  • Matt

    A perfect snapshot into a life that seems to have been lived through worth, for the sake of life!!

  • Patricia

    Extraordinary film! Sensitively conceived and beautifully shot.
    Amazing that it was made on a cell phone. I am blown away by
    this talent!

  • Nippy

    I loved this film. I want more!

  • Nikki

    In a world of throw-away things and forgotten people, it’s nice to meet someone who cares.

  • Nostradamus

    Great film! Marvelous use of marginal equipment. High hopes for future efforts.

  • laureen Picciani

    My dad, Hugo’s brother was the West Coast version- could build or fix anything. Once I slept on a
    cot in the machine shop when visiting at age 19.

  • Clayton Webber

    makes me smile I think there was genetic trait to maintain and repair devices; it makes me smile to see the gifts I recieved from Charlie and Sara

  • Paul

    As Hugo’s (dad) son, I always knew he was a ‘genius’ in his field…turning down offers to teach at Cooper Union and lucrative corporate jobs to focus on what he loves to do, fixing the unfixable in his shop, a defacto museum to an age long gone..of hands on analog ingenuity. We…his family always new Dad’s rare gift, however its great to see him appreciated in this forum.

  • Jazmin

    A life well lived. A touching portrait of a humble soul concerned for the future of his fellow man. Beautiful commentary on the “throw away” society we live in by someone who finds meaning in work and living in harmony with his environment and others. Incredible film work. I watched it twice because I could NOT conceive of this jewel being filmed on a cell phone. It gets my vote hands down!

  • jeanette picciani

    I still call him daddy. i have my “scouts” making sure I get a phone call if he doesnt look his best or seems forgetfull, etc. My father is a generous person with stories I’ve heard thousands of times yet never tire of. My only child, Eddy V. Donohue, has a bond with mydaddy like non other. ALL ARE TRULY BLESSED TO KNOW MY DADDY EVEN IF ITS JUST IN HIS HELLO AS YOU WALK BY.

  • judy

    Hugo has been the mayor of 7th st for the 40 years that we have lived here. It has been a joy to be his neighbor..indeed he is a special person!

  • cee brat

    What an absolute gem, conveying the essence and soul of this unusual man with such brevity and tenderness—- and—with a cellphone no less. Have to agree 100% with FilmBuff: keep your eye on Paul Lovelace – he’s going places!