A hot summer Brazilian day comes to life with music.

Directed by Gabriel Kempers.

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  • Douglas

    Very Good…

  • bianca

    wow! nice work!!! beautiful city!

  • Suzanne

    deliriously beautiful film painting of a young man’s sensual, happy world

  • Nícolas

    Amazing video…

  • JP

    We can write home with only 3 letters: RIO

  • Vanessa

    So beautiful and touching!

  • Helena

    Delicius! <3

  • Pitrus

    very good!

  • Baby

    THE BEST!!!
    No doubt about it!

  • Maggie

    Tell me about the music? I loved it.

  • Gabriel

    It’s from the band Radical Face! The name is Welcome Home. :)

  • Rachel

    Muito bom, parabéns!

  • Sonia

    Sem sombra de dúvida o seu filme é disparado o melhor!!

  • Denise

    obviously the best!

  • Stephanie

    While the pix were pretty, I really didn’t get the message, if there was one.