Hannah’s Love

Hannah’s Love: Images abound as a young woman shares her personal experience of love.

Directed by Bulls+Arrows

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  • Leah

    What a beautiful and sad picture of love. Yet hope abounds. Well done guys, an amazing job.

  • Rebecca

    It is so honest it makes me cry. I just want to hug her.

  • sharon

    So honest. It brakes your heart.

  • Matt @ Light on a Hill Media

    Brutally honest and delicately shot. Well handled given the material. Nice work guys!

  • james

    I love that Hope!

  • Tamara

    wow what a good looking girl, her sisters must be hot!

  • Carina

    wow Hananh that was so honest. i had tears in my eyes listening to what you were saying. always have hope and stay strong =)

  • Lisa

    Brilliant, tender, vulnerable. Loved the honesty.

  • denise

    Don’t be afraid to love…you have to surrender to it with no without it is selfish and freely and you will be liberated and content within yourself

  • Bulls+Arrows Team

    To all you awesome voters and lovers of love, we salute you! haha

    Thanks heaps for all your votes and although we didn’t win, check out our website for more films like Hannah’s Love…