Half Love

Half Love: Images of love-gone-wrong illustrate that Love is more than just what we’re capable of imagining it to be.

Directed by Bulls+Arrows

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  • Nikki

    I liked the short, but I question the 262 votes as of Monday AM and no comments. Looks as if people aren’t viewing all three shorts and making a decision. It looks more as if they’re voting because someone told them to.

  • Adrian

    powerful… real… honest and such a true understanding of such a misunderstood topic – love. Look forward to seeing more from these guys.

  • Charinda

    Love this, good job Bulls + Arrows!

  • Bulls+Arrows Team

    Nikki, a lot of ppl who support us have already seen this film before and love it, hence the loads of votes…
    And thanks heaps Adrian and Charinda – there’s some more flicks on our site you can check out too.

    ;-) The B+A Team

  • Nikki

    I understand, but this is not the only time this has happened, and I wish there was a way to make sure that everyone watches all three shorts to make the votes fair. Having just seen one film and liking it is not the point. It’s a competition. And it’s not fair is one person has 300 friends who’ve seen the film and another person doesn’t. I’d like to see it so that only after you’ve watched all three films, do you have the option to vote, and not before. That would make it a fair competition.

  • Steve Boyce

    Lovely work guys! The creativity and sensitive message are evenly balanced. You haven’t sacrificed substance over style. Please keep up the good work, and I hope to see you win this comp and get more of your stuff out there!

  • Jen

    Nikki, I told my friend to look at this site because I loved the Half Love clip. She looked at all three and voted for a different clip!!!

  • Linda

    Nikki, the previous week’s competition ended with the winning one getting more than 800 votes and the second one more than 500, so I don’t think this is over the top at all! I guess people who visit the site because of a friend’s clip, will still probably vote for the friend’s one anyway, even after watching all three. I love Half Love! Well done Bulls and Arrows!

  • Matt @ Light on a Hill Media

    Well done B&A! Great work as always…looking forward to seeing some more great stuff from this talented crew. Keep it up!
    @Nikki – most people don’t comment on stuff like this. If you look at the math…9 comments to date & over 500 votes…seems like most people don’t comment.
    Just for the record, I did watch all 3 films and “Half Love” was just a better executed idea. Well executed = more votes. Simple.

  • Nikki

    Thanks everyone for responding to me. I appreciate that people will think about this. Jen’s comment proves that it’s important to see all three. I’m glad that Matt, liked the film after seening all three, but no, Matt, in this age of Twitter, more votes does not equate well executed. In some cases it will equal lots of friendly twitters. Again, I appreciate that people are thinking about this, and will look at all three before they vote. Sometimes it’s really hard to make a decision because the quality of the shorts is so good. And that’s a good thing.

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  • Garthy

    great job B+A. Half Love is a claer short about a real issue that causes so many troubles for generations of people. great work

  • Norman

    Their (British?

    Their (British?, Australian?) accent too thick for me to get it all. With the US economy as it is, why not support by using American actors, producers and directors? I’m fed up with all the British stuff on PBS: Doc Martin, MI 15, situation comedies, etc. etc. What’s wrong with *our* PBS?