Grand Luncheonette

Grand Luncheonette: After 58 years, a neighborhood institution faces the harsh realities of doing business in NYC.

Directed by Peter Sillen

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  • nadya

    you could almost smell the hotdogs and knishes.
    I went there many years ago.

  • Greg

    I really this film because it shows a part of NY that is disappearing. This is extremely important in today’s economy.

  • john

    i liked the film ‘grand lunheonette’ because how the guy has devoted his life to work in his shop 7 day a week non stop.i can relate to this film because my father his not stoped working since he came to new york.

  • Fredlyne B

    I Enjoyed This Film But Upset Because They Never Re-Opened Again. I Was Really Going To See If I Chould Visit There Some Day.

  • bl0ondii3

    film wasz great hope every thing isz well 4 dem even doe dey neva reopened iv seen disz happy so mANY TIMESZ 2PLACESZ I LUV ASZ A CHILD

  • norman

    the short film grand lucheonette show how good businesses are affected by the economy

  • mrs robinson

    not really a cautionary tale about the economy. this business lost its life during flush times, and was pushed out by “progress”. disney co-opted more real estate and basically paved over the luncheonette, and other businesses. one can’t help but mourn the loss of these, against the proliferation of corporate/chain shops, restaurants, and banks. so goes small businesses with no retail front. there’s no bailout or apology for these casualties.

    the hardest truth is the loss of livelihood to this man and his family.

  • Frank Cassetta

    For the most part, the films offered on Reel 13 have been second rate to terrible, but the last one (1 2 3) shown on 1-8-11 won the prize for being the worst. I watched for about 20 minutes and then turned it off, wondering why Channel 13 wdould consider this absolutely ridiculous and infantile film suitable for the PBS audience. Frankly, viewers would do better watching TCM or AMC. Please have Reel 13 operate with the high standards charateristic of all other Channel 13 programming.

  • dimitrik

    corporations and industries are taking over ny everywere. its sad to see these family owned businesses get taken out. its what brings character to new york city

  • Kevin B

    Man I used to Love this place! Great greasy food! Oh yeah…like right out of a Columbo or Kojak episode. The burgers were good too…loved the onions! The night guy was a little scary looking. He was a tall really quiet guy but turned out to be nicer than you thought he’d be when you 1st saw him. I’m from Hell’s Kitchen so I miss places like this so much but I guess its better that Giuliani cleaned it up…but still I miss the Grand Luncheonette…Bring it back and place it across the street in that cool museum/visitor center that tries to maintain the old feel and keep the price 2 for a dollar!