Foolishly Seeking True Love

Foolishly Seeking True Love: Belle and Handsome play their roles perfectly in this fairy tale with a French twist.

Directed by Jarrett Lee Conaway

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  • liz

    shes beautiful :)

  • Nikki

    The Production values, casting and driection are excellent. A very polished film.

  • Karbis

    I still don’t know how this short is losing. Clearly it’s the best one. Very well written/shot/produced and edited. One way or another this is the best short out of the three hands down.

  • Shawn

    Very glossy, love the lighting and production design, but I just feel the other two are more impressive because of what they were able to accomplish with so much less. Also, the story…ehh.

  • Karbis

    @ Shawn, what did the other two accomplish? The first short I couldn’t even finish, just being honest. And the 3rd short I watched and it was not much. I didn’t even like it. The style or the story. But the style of this short gave me the feeling of the film called Amelie and that happens to be one of my favorite films. It was shot very well and has a simple but sweet story that goes along with it.

  • Sheila

    Absolutely enchanting! And I agree with Karbis. I too found the first film unwatchable (although I did watch it through to the end) and totally self-indulgent. A bore! And the third film..which at this writing has garnered the most votes…didn’t speak to me at all. But I loved this little fairy tale. So well done. It charmed me!

  • UnimpressedHipster

    @ Karbis, this reminded you of Amelie because it is derivative (that is not a good thing). If the film Amelie did not exist, this might be a cute and quaint story that I could have enjoyed, with the exception of the narrator’s voice, which is better suited for a Ford commercial than an independent film.

  • Karbis

    @ UnimpressedHipster, The film Amelie does not have to exist for a film like this to be made. Its the style of the short that it reminds me of Amelie, there is no bad thing in being reminded by a film. Its a style, same way as another film can be reminded of Scorsese, the style. These styles of shooting are created, so other filmmakers can learn from them, and even use them. And for the narrator’s voice, to me, it sounds just right.

    i just hope you don’t think that cartoon is better than this, because if you think it is, then our conversation is pointless.

  • Jack

    This movie is professional that’s what I like about it. It tells the story very well and its not complicated to understand what this movie is about its nice and simple. Yes I agree this movie does remind me of Amelie, but that’s because the director was inspired by Amelie when he made this and he did a brilliant job. The type is very well used the credits are awesome and creative. Everything in this movie has been thought for and that’s what makes this movie to stand out from the other two. First movie is too much of a boring want to be movie. The cartoon is probably the boringest movie I watched. Yes she did spent lot of time making it, but It just doesn’t pull me in.

  • Rhiannon

    Certainly no Amelie but still pretty cute. I agree that the narrator’s voice is not that well suited for an idependent film of this nature, and to be honest, it kind of extracted the film’s quaintness for me.