Following Crickets

Following Crickets: Natural beauty evolves into a poetic essay with a German accent in filmmaker Iva  Radivojevic’s reflection on the North Carolina landscape.

Directed by Iva Radivojevic

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  • Hani Moustafa


  • lee


  • Jim

    Beautiful film. It eerily captures the essence of the landscape and communicates both the solitude and beauty of life.

  • Serge Guenette

    Amazing very calm I love the ocean.

  • Jan Payne

    Iva – this is beautiful – YOU are a STAR!! I love the language and the landscape…

  • Guy nicknair

    COOL Iva!

  • Alejandro Torres-Marco

    Inspire Calmness. Well done. Thank you.

  • TheWizard of BOD

    Very interesting video, kept my attention and I liked the quote at the end.

  • Elisa Sterling-Cowan

    What a wonderfully simple and reflective piece. A poetic, peaceful and people-watching experience.

  • Andrew Ramirez

    Life…isn’t it so beautiful. I only wish my life could be this tranquil. Such a calming video. Thank you. AR.

  • Pedja

    Very poetic short film. Very good use of light, wide shots and split screen technique. I’m looking forward to see more films from Iva.
    Pedja Radenkovic
    Director of Photography

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  • Stephanie

    All 3 shorts were interesting in their own way. I think I liked Chicablue the best. The split screen was innovative to me. Photography/directing were very clever. Not a fan of flickering.