Fixing Time

The nature of time is examined in this short meditation.

Directed by Catherine Stratton.

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  • Nikki

    Lovely film! The background sounds and underscoring were excellent, as was the love of time that came through. We look at clocks everyday to tell us the time, and this film shows how much story there is in a time piece, and how important they are, and how beautiful.

  • MaryAnn

    Awesome short film. Loved the cinematography – so crisp and clear. Well done!

  • DT

    Beautifully done – the subject matter and the craft have always fascinated me.

  • lai-wah

    nice work!

  • Amy Hebard

    Even as the clocks tick, I felt myself slow down to listen to this film as much as watch it. Truly a meditation on time.

  • KJ

    Really lovely – a clockmaker and a philosopher beautifully captured in a moment.

  • KathyL.

    So much in so little time…

  • Oswald

    This film actually won? How did this film beat Tall Enough?

  • Russell Christian

    Just saw this again. So lovely.

  • Ruben Procopio

    Can totally relate to this… great job Cathy!