Sensations of falling through space – and in love – are explored through a series of interviews and images.

Directed by Z.A. Martohardjono

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  • pandian

    Really good vedio

  • danielafranchi

    this is a young energetic…beautiful short story…
    you shoud show it in my opinion

  • Andrea Cohen

    This is a very peotic film, very intimate. a beautiful journey.

  • yuvrajrathour

    this is a young energetic…beautiful short story…
    rally appriciatable…….
    keep it up…..

  • Suma.M.K.

    It is very Interesting film.Everyone should show this film because it realy beautiful short story.

  • balupriya1987

    its good and beautifull

  • Eliza

    Too neurotic. Did not like, except part about newborn baby.

  • David Merian

    The soundtrack in “Falling” is great; it keeps the narrative going. Also, I loved that it is 16mm and all hand held shots – really a great look altogether. Nevertheless, the soundtrack and images seemed somewhat too disparate. There were occasions when the sound and the image complimented one another well, and other times when the match-up felt somewhat contrived.

    Nevertheless, thank you for shooting on 16mm – always worth it.

  • Mano

    Very beautiful and thoughtful short.

  • Fulana

    Most of all I liked the comments about loving a baby but not knowing the baby. An intriguing perspective. Also the colors were nive, the twirling feet, and the tall tree. Many times I have been high and thought fleetingly about falling, and then put it from my mind. Nice sound track.

  • Nancy

    This short film is so beautifully filmed and the narration together with the visuals captures you immediately…so fascinating…a wonderful study about sensations punctuated with clever images. I loved it!

  • meesh

    I like the way your film uses super-imposition. Visually, in the way the scenes fade together and overlap… which gives it a dreamlike quality. And, also, narratively, that the various people who are speaking become the inner voice of the silent actor.
    Beautiful and moving. Good luck.
    Elation Arts Collective