Even the most boring job has its “perks.”

Directed by Henrik Bjerregaard Clausen.

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  • dan

    Well done with the atmosphere. Nice sound design. I’m a fan of the hazy, chemical-choked visual aesthetic.

  • alex g.

    I really enjoyed the image of this film. It seems to look like a 3D cartoon film.

  • Nikki

    Absoultely great all around – loved the sound especially.

  • Tim

    Excellent animation but not so sure about the physics. Doesn’t a object in a near void just keep moving in a straight line? What’s causing it to drop. The planet could provide the gravity but the ship doesn’t seem to drop towards the planet. This ruined the whole thing for me. Maybe they should have got hit by some space junk to rattle things up and make a new cup of coffee necessary.

  • Khalil Richardson

    OMG!!!!!!!!!! at first i thought that the man was about to go on an adventure one day or his ship will crash or something, but as soon as i saw “Predator”, i was like, “RUN MAN RUN, THAT THING BOUT TO RIP U IN PIECES!!!!!!” but when the coffee cup came out its mouth, i was like, oh snap!!!!! that’s some ironic trick right there mannnnnn!!!!!!!!!!

  • Grinnin

    Everything is tops: camera point of view, surprise, music, resolution of feeling… Love it!