An elderly man takes a unique approach to his daily chores.

Directed by Taylan Sinan Yilmaz.

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  • Cihan durdubasoglu


  • gumus ozdes

    this is very intimate and powerfull.

  • Ilgaz Toydemir


  • Suzanne Steinberg

    Highly recommend this film!

  • Karl Petry

    I like the way the old man slowly moves around the house watering the plants then BAM it’s not water but gasoline. What a great ending to this short!!!!!

  • garla redond

    you’ve done it again

  • Onder Ondemir

    Why I voted for this film:

    1)Videographing and the use of camera is gorgeous. 2)Picture quality is as good as from a million dollar film.
    3)Twist in the end is so naive therefore touching.
    4)Fire! Was that post-produced or real?

    Congrats guys.

  • Lucien

    At first i feel like im there and than boom! , cold and questioning.
    This one is definitely a bomb..
    Keep up the good work Mr. Taylan

  • Rosanne

    Sick, sick, sick and sad!

  • Ali Gültekin

    Amazing Work!!

  • Rasih ÇAĞLAYAN

    Ne kadar farklı kültürlerden olursak olalım, kilometrelerce öteden bizi birbirimize bağlayan , birbirimizi anlamamızı sağlayan , sessiz bir iletişimimiz var; yaratılışımız, uzayda dolaşan anılarımız, çıkardığımız sesler yada sebebi herneyse, tanıdık birşeyler var. Bunları anlayabilir fakat ifade edemeyebiliriz. Yıkmaya, yoketmeye, yokolmaya karar verdiğimiz bir anı ne kadar dillendirebilirsin ki herkese ? Tamda hissettiğini anlatacak öz dil bilgin – kullanımın bile yeterli olmayabilir. Son noktayı koyduğumuz anı , her dilde , derin samimyetle anlatan bu film için, tebirkler. Çok başarılı.

    A film that explains final shot decision to finalize our life. It s not restricts our understanding depend on any language , cultural situation , color difference… Thanks for this nice film that explains we can understand deepest feelings of people depend on anything.. .Everybody decide to terminate something in their unknown dark side to solve their problem, with fire, with cold, with water, with drugs, with love.The film that reminds us that we are human.Congratulations.

  • John F.

    Wow, what s surprise. It’s beautifully shot, and the simplicity of the storytelling makes it that much more effective. “Less is more” actually works.

  • Marto

    Amazing photography and story!

  • debra b

    This is pointless.
    What a waste of my time.

  • nuray

    Amazing !

  • Faruk Hokkaömeroğlu


  • Yagmur C

    This movie is so poetic; although it’s full of visual cues you are expected to bend them into meanings of your liking through out the movie. And, of course, the awesome ending that makes you think all over again. Great work Taylan!

  • Cappa X.

    beautiful flawed humanity. love.

  • barış mercan