Encroach: A super-natural thriller from the New Orleans-based arts production company Mondo Bizarro. Inspired by Alfred Hitchcock and Ed Wood, this short will keep you wondering if you are really safe and sound as you tuck yourself in for a good night’s sleep.

Directed by Bruce France and Casey Foote

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  • Dennis Dougherty

    Excellent work.

  • lorelle chizen

    Steady sense of dread throughout – I had to watch until the end.

  • Suzanne Falaro (CA)

    Sure kept me at the end of my seat! What a great ending! I thought for sure the lovely young lady was a goner! Real creepy with a happy ending! Very well done!

  • Patty Christensen

    I agree I was on the edge of my seat through the entire video..Great music score! the video was very well done!!!

  • Gail Joiner

    This was a great piece of work from the actor to the director. I wish it had been longer.

  • Briana Ross

    it was long but worth it
    don’t you think so to?

  • Kevin McCann

    Is the roach following her the entire film or is he on the TV all along and she is just imagining the “stalker”? Either way, very convincing and a well made film. Good job!

  • pat

    As lummet once said, “the heart of film making is make your point…..and move on. And thats certainly not to say you should inhibit your expression. For instance, the Ben button movie, here you have an allegory that by premise says its so: A person, reversing all that is normal,and yet even in that up ended circumstance, a wonderful story about humanity is revealed. There are all kinds of ways to tell a story………and then there’s the art of it! good luck!



  • Rusty

    Bruce ROCKS like Detroit used to.

  • mary

    Nice film. A bit long in parts where it need not be. Its a good start at a film….with some extra work it could be pretty good. Try to tweak it a bit and re-submit it.

  • jdub

    Brilliant work…acting, directing, costumes, cinematography…perfect! P.s. even the cat was good!

  • CGriff

    Impressive. You boys are moving up!!

  • john

    Good idea. Needs help on the execution. Cinematography not so great. Keep at it!

  • Sara

    The film shows raw talent that no doubt could be mined. Love the inclusion of Hitchcock (The Birds) on the tube.

  • Arturo

    Not that bad, but too long

  • Bailey

    Great parallel and timing between ‘The Birds’ scenes and the bedroom scenes. Real sense of isolation.

  • Kevin

    uneven, and slow at times, the b&w cinematography really saves it with the lush, deep, dark shadows. Execution didn’t always balance, and the stakes didn’t increase as we went along, but a good idea. The use of The Birds heightened the dread, finally, and was used to good effect. Too much shine on the face was distracting in the beginning, and didn’t feel it was her house, she didn’t seem to own the space. All in all, pick up the pace, you’re headed in the right direction.

  • ana

    hey, well i like the story alot. i have to say the ending surprise me. and i just thought it was funny. i like to focus more on the narrative of films simply because exuction of shorts is always a personal style but,becareful with that it does not always work. however, i have to comment on the positions of your shots i see how you framed most of them, and i they worked. good job.

  • Homemikey

    Not too long, not too short.
    I thought it was unexpected, and had a great sense of humor.