Elevators (Must Come Down)

What becomes of a city when all of its elevators suddenly stop working?

Directed by Jonathan Jacobson

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  • najkajoul

    I am surprised at the amount of votes for this.
    Frankly, it sucks.
    What’s up with the reading?

  • najkajoul

    Elevators our unruly children?
    What kind of metaphor is this?
    A voice would work better than watching this woman reading badly.

  • Julia Beckman

    Well done – very original. The actress is very professional, reading very effective.

  • ronni raygun

    yet you felt it necessary to comment… twice… so little to do – so much time to do it in – great work

  • Vickers

    Well shot and composed. Nice writing style. As for the elevators. You can always take the stairs. That’s what I did during the blackout.

  • Matt T.Griffin

    Great piece of filming and acting straight forward in something that could happen!

  • Jean Beckman

    Good Job-clear delivery.

  • Robert Gelber

    An extraordinary piece of filmmaking — there is clearly a voice here that is original, poetic and fresh. Looking forward to seeing more from this filmmaker in the future.

  • sam

    Yikes….this film is very hipster-pretentious. It looks more like a music video than anything else. It would have been great if the girl weren’t in it at all-


    Outstanding!!! Great work!!! Good flow. Excellant filming. Love the wind sound.

  • Adam

    Sam, can you define what you mean by hipster-pretentious?

  • Kelly Beckman-Crabtree

    It’s art, people! Art!

  • Matt

    If by “hipster-pretentious” you mean creative & original. Then I agree with you Sam.

  • larry

    I was hoping the wind was going to sweep her off the roof. It didn’t and the torture continued—STOP PLEASE FIND MUTE QUICK

  • larry

    Kelly-watched it again to try to find the “art” you spoke of. Not there- just another dose of torture.

  • Bill Hopkins

    Very thought provoking, enjoyed it.

  • Jack M. Jackson DDS

    Innovative with an evocative message.

  • Susan

    I love the wind also.

  • JM in Long Beach

    Self indulgent, & pretentious. A voice over narrative might have worked but the actress’ voice here is annoying and strained. I don’t find anything innovative here .