Dust of Orphan

Dust of Orphan: An orphan girl, adopted in early childhood, struggles with the realities of loneliness and poverty.

Directed by Rihaan Patel

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  • HB

    actress, orphan girl… she did well, really!!!

  • ankurkumar

    Good luck

  • milan joshi

    best of luck

  • tushar sadhu

    nice concept, direction..good

  • chirag

    wish u good luck

  • Nikki

    All aspects are well done. I like that it was filmed MOS so that the audience can concentrate more fully on the story the film maker is telling.


    thats nice, and effective

  • bhavnai

    i think u ahve to make big film like this and with new concept. direction is like a hollywood film i like this i want to see it again and agian

  • kali

    wow its a amazing concept bright future

  • kaushik

    new think, great think

  • james

    way to hollywood

  • aileen

    nice, concept i think u have to win

  • sofie

    nice future of direcotor mr rihaan patel

  • ravi

    nice movie rihaan patel

  • hardip

    nice direction and now moive great success

  • Anas Hashmi

    Good work…specially the girl’s act !

  • parthraj

    a very simple bt heart touching movie….superb…keep it up….dude….

  • anish shaikh

    great great movie ever iseen in my whole life with a message of stop child labour. i would like to wish you all the best n may god reward with the best………

  • Rushabh

    Good direction and story of Rihhan patel. Best of Luck.

  • krunal…..rakeshhhhhh…from PGRIMS

    hey…its reaaly good…i m praying for you…you will win…..i m proud of pATELS…….

  • rahul panchal

    friendz india da sir, good direction &best of luck
    we wish that you surely win,great movie

  • monik coot

    oh waooo break my heart , i can’t hold my tears , thank u for the message to the world.
    good luck my friend!
    god bless u!

  • Dilip Patel

    nice direction & fine short film, good

  • Dilip M Patel

    very fine direction & the small girl play fine roll, best of luck

  • akshay

    Awesome movie!
    Amazing direction!!! Great hard work!
    Really nice movie! must watch!

  • Linda K

    This film is heartbreaking, I keep thinking of another film “The Girl in The Cafe”. We must stop waiting for someone to make the first move. We MUST help children All CHILDREN!

  • kaushal shah


  • jinesh shah

    Extra ordinary film for the future generation

  • jitendra shah

    Rihaan Patel has selected a nice topic on child labour. Excellent!!! this is an eye opening for us.

  • Dharini Shah

    It is a matter of sorrow that we are snatching away the joy of childhood. We shold put a full stop to the practice of searching chip labour.
    We should give every opportunity to child for the growth.

  • Jitendra N. Shah

    Stop Child Labour immediately otherwise we shall not be able to give Gandhi,Nehru,Dr.Abdul Kalam or a Newton.Live and let others live like you.

  • Jitendra B Mehta

    Stop Child Labour immediately otherwise we shall not be able to give Gandhi,Nehru,Dr.Abdul Kalam or a Newton.Live and let others live like you.Rihaan Patel has selected a nice topic on child labour. Excellent!!! this is an eye opening for us.

  • siddharth patel

    best of luck, i hope u are win.

  • purvi

    very nice film and girl work is good.

  • guddi

    very nice film and girl work is a so good

  • bharat gadhavi real and touching.nicely done.this must b win.I vote this of luck.

  • parki

    wow, child labour, how original. YOU SUCK

  • dev keshwala

    A good n honest effort to convey a massage.. I appriciate…

  • Bhumika

    congratulations buddy………….. great concept…….my great wishes r always with u.all the best

  • venkatesh kamath

    Fantastic movie ….

  • Nitant kashyap

    this is great direction with a simple concept……

  • Swapna MAAC Borivali

    Excellant job… CONGRATULATIONS on behalf of MAAC BORIVALI

  • vikesh singh

    Excellent work…….keep it up.

  • Juzer Fancy

    gr8 movie & composting editing work , with common concept.

  • Bhargav

    amazing work wid camera angle…, ur concept of story telling…..nd ya a gud show by girl also …hats off 2 her…nd u 2 …the director !!

  • suyash

    great direction,acting & concept all d best


    great guys.
    Chak de MAAC

  • sonam

    nice direction.nd superb concept….gr8 movie

  • Kumud

    very welldone bhai!
    Best of luck………….

  • Ajitesh sharma.maac newalipore,kolkata

    gud job yaar!!bst of luck!!

  • amit chaturvedi

    good work keep it up all the best for your future

  • Nirmal Sharma

    first i want to say thanx for ue all team members & this video is really gorgeous, keep it up & Good Luck for Future.

  • siva


  • virendra

    u rock man…nice concept

  • KrishnaPandit

    Achha Paryash hai… Lage Rahiye Manzil Zarur Milegi

  • KrishnaPandit

    Lage Rahiye Manzil Zarur Milegi

  • Neil Kadu

    tripod would have proved more effective and little girls acting rocked !!

  • Mayank

    If you want story please let me know.
    I can drive one story for you.

    Make a whole movie.Dont go on ads

  • robin

    india ko aur gandu dihao aur prize milega ! cheers !

  • Priyanka

    Hey, Stop abusing language .. but at one point u r right too … remember ‘ slumdog’ … vote to u … can be told without using bad languages.

  • Rohit

    nice thnkng

  • pooja

    yes,its really good best of luck nd keep it up all our wishes are with u

  • Rickin Jain

    tht was a very deep thought abt childrens.
    salute Mr. rihaan

  • bitaz

    A 3rd class…. as usual short film…
    Search for award winning short films…. You will see much better concepts, ideas, screenplays and acting.

    Sorry!!! if my comment heart someones feelings.

  • Shubhang Saurav

    good bhai,

    wish main bhi ek din iss jagah tak pahunchoon!!!!
    maac rocks!!!

  • Shubhang Saurav

    oye bitaz….. if u dont have any experience with gud movies, better keep ur mouth shut

  • ravindra makwana(maac cg road)

    Its a very good concept in this time.

  • surya

    nothing special in this, it is happening all hindi..may be this flim made in english languse so as a new it is okkkkk

  • jitendra sharma

    very good concept.screenplay is good.

  • Sandeep

    Great job done
    But all know this still people dont implement in their lifte. Atleast your movie motivates people and in long run it will help to eradicate child labour….
    Hat off to u. Thanks bas aam karto reje…

  • Bikram

    Great job done
    But all know this still people dont implement in their lifte. Atleast your movie motivates people and in long run it will help to eradicate child labour….
    Hat off to u. Thanks bas aam karto reje…

  • pradeep

    Really very nice

  • pradeep

    Simply super

  • genuh

    The child was a better actress than the adult…

  • rachel linder

    disturbing but true. We need more people to be aware.

  • kaushik

    it was touching…:(

  • bhaskar

    Very nice work . congrats & best wishes

  • sandeep gupta

    kya bakwas hai…….

  • sahilsk

    could be more better. Any way best of luck.

  • geeta

    very nice job, it was touching, good concept, best of luck sir.

  • nirav

    nice video
    good luck

  • pratap narayan tiwari

    Firangiyon ko Indian Bhukmari aur Garibi Dika do aur Award le lo.

    Its totally waste of time

  • Sachin Shelar

    very nice work
    good luck

  • farooque

    Nice Films & Good Work Best of Luck friend

  • Sam

    There is a good message behind the film, it would have been better if the girl looked more shabby then it would be somewhat like ‘slumdog millionaire’. Anyways, the concept is good, thats all that counts.

  • Arindam Mojumder

    The dress code of the child didn’t suit with her role.Only sentiment is not enough to show the child labor problem, but have to a strong script. Your subject is good but presentation is too weak. Camera angel was not so good. You didn’t take any closeup shot which was very necessary.

    But still I will appreciate your talent and thinking. Best of luck for your next project.

  • shine

    its awsum n being anew in maac n animation world…….i learnt lods of thngs.bst of luck

  • vardhaman

    good thinking ,
    jo tum ne achi traha say oska istmaal kiya hai.
    so tum aur bi tum prizes jotoge

  • sameer

    all the best /////

  • Dhanraj Jat

    Very Nice Films & best Work and Best of Luck maacindia


  • Anil kumar singh

    very nice film

  • ranjita kaur

    wow i am impressed your concept,i think bright future your in this line,god bless you.

  • Kuldeep prasad

    very nice concept sir…too good //

  • johnnypasha

    all the best sir

  • tabrez

    awesome creation.
    A maac student

  • alok

    nice movi8….gud job boss……….

  • T.L. Lewis

    Very poignant. Well done. “The best index to a person’s character is how they treat people who can’t do them any good, and how they treat hose who can’t fight back.”

  • Aqib

    Wow! very gud concept.keep it up guys.

  • Mk

    Concept was gud.
    bt i ws nt happy wit the work.
    1. image stabilizer ws nt on i think while shooting, cz of it the video ws distorting, jiggling as any jurk occur while shooting.
    2. their ws not colour correction, all footage ws looking different in tone
    3. tv picture ws nt tracked and changed from software
    4. camera angle ws gud but in some shot camera moves 1st and then character link ws missing between character and camera
    5. though their ws no dialogue all ws expressed by action but action ws not so effective

    i m sorry bt i m nt happy wit it if v compare to quality part, the story was gud

  • Delia Miranda

    This film touched my heart and I wish you all the best in this field, you have an eye for it just keep doing and you have my vote.

    Thank you

  • Joanne

    I felt this was the best of the three choices- but without the description of the story I would have not known she was an orphan- I would have thought she was like Cinderella, with a cruel parent.

  • nikhil

    gud JoB Keep It up!!!

  • Neta(Nihar)

    sach me yaar its great work whole maac family proud of u


    nice concept…all the best in ur next projects……

  • swapnil

    argggggggg thx god i didnt smash my mouse in rage
    very touching !!

  • sekhar.billa

    who are you

  • shavithri.namu

    who are you

  • Devijang Gurung

    Mr. Rihan you made very nice movie. I like it. very touching….. great job guys.

  • vicky warang

    i like this jobs

  • Abhiram

    really nice work and heart touching but small correction an orphant cant put mehandhi because she sad am i correct bro

  • shalini

    very gud work ,,,

  • Crescent Subba

    AWESOME…Its really good one..I too have a dream to be an animator.


    This concept was of ex-student who was trying his level best to complete this theme. This patlia had stolen this stories from him with the help of MAAC’S faculty.

  • vipin

    heart tuchng…

  • AJ

    chhi kitni bekaar ladki hai
    jis baalti mein pochha dhoya usme he plate dho di
    aisi ladki ko to peetna chahiye

  • paresh ahirkar

    great ho sir aap jisko bhi unke mom dad gussa karte ho vo ye move jarur dekhe unko tab samaj me aayega….
    thanks sir…

  • amit kumar singh

    wow yar mast movie hai.i m a maac student.mujhe bhi ek movie banani hai pls kuch tips batao.

  • jaideep

    really nice movie

  • vicky

    its good concept and real scenario of the india now a days bt hmm presenting it in us will be shame on us ……but good work ……

  • Judith E. Kuttler

    Judi- July 20, 2011 @ 10:00 a.m.
    well done..this kind of thing needs to be shown to a wide audience in order to get us activated to do what we can to see that child labor is no longer allowed.

  • Aahishta dave

    verry nice .