Down to the Bone

Little Michael has vicious allergies, and when babysitter Meredith arrives for a night of no-nonsense, he’s swiftly dispatched to the yard, where his delicate condition takes a turn for the worse.

Directed by Peter Ahern.

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  • Buddhatron

    One of my favorite shorts ever! This must win- it will be playing at the MoMa in 15 years.

  • Nikki

    Loved the choices of music, the voice work, the art. I remember my baby sitting days and it’s spot on!

  • Arabrab

    Hands down winner, by a mile. Technically brilliant. Horror deftly dished up with humor and wit…can’t stop watching it!

  • Margaret Davis

    Great imagination!! Love it !!

  • Idi

    Great character development in such a short span of time. I love the animation. It is uncomfortably funny. Waiting for more.

  • Jon Rhymes

    Inventive and grotesquely funny! “Down to the Bone” is what would happen if Tim Burton had a sense of humor.

  • Jane Wu

    Love this animation!! Love the animator too! Peter rocks :)

  • spatula

    OMG, soooooooo much better than the other two!!! Yours is actually really funny!!!!!! Love Meredith!!!

  • Cboy Librarian

    I’ve watched this guys animations for a couple of years now and I’m never disappointed with what he puts out. Keep up the good work man! – Cowboy AKA Mike T.

  • James


  • JM in Long Beach

    Very funny but freaky in a Tim Burton kinda’ way. I think I’m looking at a nightmare within the net 24 hrs, as a result. Love the music too!!!

  • zurg

    This is so awesome, I really hope you win!!!!

  • Denise

    Great little short!! Loved it!! Im partial to PRatt…my sister went there!! But I loved it!

  • Jackie R

    This short is great and deserves to win. Peter you rock!!

  • Arabrab

    Agree with the first poster, up to a point…I’m betting we’ll be seeing a MoMA exhibit sooner than that!

  • Brittany

    Genius! Very well done and it’s funny!

  • bugsbunny

    i voted for the swim one because i am an open water swimmer but this one is a better film…don’t worry that you didn’t win…’s better you know….

  • Frank

    I spell ART; AhernRockinTalent. This is a terrific effort and as mentioned herein appreciated more and more which each viewing. Brilliant! Thank you, Peter Ahern!!

  • Nikki

    Question for Bugsbunny. Why is being a swimmer a reason to vote for that film when you thought this one was the better one?

  • bugsbunny

    because we are a tight subculture, almost like a water cult. it is like you are voting for the guy (who i know) and the life style, not necessarily the artistic merit of the film….

  • Gloria

    Did not like this film she is mean.

  • Sam Bryan

    Love it! Well done.

  • Sam Bryan

    Love it.

  • Derek Brown

    Now that was cool!!

  • Vicki Ridley

    Some parts are funny but overall too gross!