Do Over

Everyone deserves a second chance… but some people require even more opportunities to get it right.

Directed by David Fabelo

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  • Morgan


  • Claire

    Well done!

  • John Hass

    Garrett Jester is a revelation! Must watch this short.

  • Pat

    this was a great short film!

  • Nikki


  • Donna Hill

    I had the pleasure of seeing this in Dallas on the big screen. How adorable. I felt 18 again.

  • Christine

    Just adorable!

  • Douglas Finer

    Refreshing and delightful. So much reminded me of hight school awkwardness with hindsight. You rock Jacobi!

  • Meldy

    Great job. Really enjoyed it.

  • Lisa Orr

    Love this! Why is the vote button not working???

  • Vera

    Great and very cute short film. Love it…do over again!

  • Rodolfo

    Refreshing awkwardness of youth!

  • Brooke Laws


  • Dnet


  • Celina

    I loved this! Can I please change my vote? Actually it was just a slip of the mouse and this one is just so much more me. Come on, be a pal… Can’t I please have a Do Over?!