A father’s complicated journey towards reconnecting with his son doesn’t go as expected.

Directed by Sam Dakil

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  • Anna Veltfort

    Beautiful. A heartbreaker. So glad I saw this film.

  • Nikki

    Nicely performed.

  • Jenny

    Enjoyed watching!

  • Kay

    A beautiful film. So glad I saw it.

  • Eileen

    Beautiful job. Thought provoking.

  • Phil jones

    Beautifully directed short film!

  • Neal Schindler

    Great Job Sam!!!

  • Todd Peterman

    A story many people know too well. Great story telling, Sam.

  • Fred Avery

    Sam! Magnificent Job! You make us all proud! Big props to your DP.

  • David Hawkins

    Well done Sam! Very enjoyable to watch…