Dancing Dream

Two musicians narrate the story of their own concert-hall dreams.

Directed by Beryl Chen.

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  • Ketty Chan

    Dream is beautiful and helpful for those effort young people, I can see their spirit of striving from this short film. Beautiful music, beautiful scene and story. How difficult life in New York for those hard work young people! To continue your strive and never give up, the dreams will be come true. All of you can make it.

  • ray chan

    good,it is every depth rousing for intramundane life

  • Nikki

    Every day we drop a coin or a bill into the music case, and walk away. Thank you for letting us see what’s in the musicans’ hearts and minds as they play for us.

  • Nico Casavecchia

    I love how the bond between them is subtly describe throughout the film. It’s a beautiful film

  • Rachel Watanabe-Batton

    The film and the music transported me to another moment in time. Thank you.

  • James

    well done, I love it.

  • Beryl

    Thank you for your comments. I really appreciated!

  • Deelynn

    I love the musicianship. I felt the journey and can appreciate the aspiration and hard work of the artists. Thank you for sharing the beauty and transcendence of art and music.

  • timhuang

    I love it

  • Stephanie

    Loved its movement towards crescendo of reaching the place you want to be, together.

  • Judith K

    The music and playing was beautiful – similar in theme to Hustle where people are struggling to make it.

  • eric eiser


  • Emme y

    wonderful mate

  • Yu Hsien Wu

    good job.

  • Elizabethe

    What a wonderful journey. Artistic growth is often a struggle but the rewards are often greater than less noble pursuits. Bravo!

  • snowbike5

    Exquisite music. Do the musicians have a website or some way I can be informed as to where they are performing?

  • phyllis Cole

    Where was the narration? Maybe it was my computer?
    I didn’t hear it.

  • lisa andrews

    Great job would like to see more of u guys….

  • lisa andrews

    Great job I would like to see more of you guys

  • aya

    Fantastic! i can feel their energy form this film!