Cubes: In a dull, grey world of square-mindedness, Arthur longs to transform his city into something beautiful.

Director/Animator: Kelly Goeller

Director Bio:

Kelly Goeller is a recent graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and co-founder of the Brooklyn-based animation studio kneeon. She has directed several music videos and animated spots; CUBES is Goeller’s first stop-motion narrative film.

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  • Nikki

    The plot has a perfect arc. The animation is charming and the score fitting. The message is familiar, yet worth repeating. Think Malvina Reynolds’ “Little boxes on the hillside,
    Little boxes made of ticky-tacky . . .” sung by many, including Pete Seeger, and put this lovely little film along side it.

  • Jon

    I love Arthur! He’s so earnest and so like many of us…

  • James P. Anderson

    “Cubes,” a short film about the awakening of the Spirit and creativty in a urban world plagued by the redundant, humdrum structure of city life. Think along the lines of Harry Nilsson’s “The Point” (the points of everyone else in the land disappeared, and pointed buildings became round.)
    Kelly Goeller’s current animation, “Cubes,” is a light-hearted, uplifting breath of fresh air in a stagnant city. It has a cute comic aire running through it.

  • dee imbert

    You are so talented..I look forward to seeing all of your amazing work.

    Dee Imbert
    Visionfest 10

  • carley

    i loved it! your so talented and i cant wait to see more of you work! good luck!!

  • S. McGinn

    Kelly’s animation is more than just charming. She reveals the need for beauty in our lives. Good Luck and hope to see it next week on Reel 13.

  • J. Martilotta

    I absolutely loved it! I can’t wait to share it with family and friends. Way to go Kelly-good luck!

  • Clevin Brailsford

    Awesome Job!!

  • vmdemers

    Thanks to Andrea – loved it! Good luck.

  • Pam Ward

    The artist’s struggle. Hope reborn after failure and discouragement. The transformative power of beauty. Caring about the world. Using the very best within you to make the world a better place. The importance of never giving up. Thank you, Kelly, for making the world a better place.

  • G. Buckner

    The attention to detail in this short is really quite remarkable. I think we are going to see much more of Ms. Goeller in the future.

  • Taylor

    Omg you should have won you were way better then that other persons film “last thoughts” Stupid. and i bet it would be harder to make that vid then the other ones!!!

  • melly resnicow

    Imaginative, wonderfully executed,a joy to watch for young and old alike. I loved it!

  • parslanian

    Amazing.The simplicty of the story with the tremendous influx of color at the end reminded me of my first childhood experience of watching the transformation in the great film “THe Wizard of Oz” when Dorothy lands in Oz.
    Keep up the good work, Kelly!

  • Jan

    So imaginative….and hopeful…really enjoyed

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  • Nikki

    Why was this voted the winner without letting anyone vote for the other two?

  • Joann B.

    Marvelously done; loved the transformation!

  • Lloyd Joynt

    enjoyed the sound effects.

  • Judy

    It was a tough choice this week. I could have voted on all three! But this one got my vote. It was clever and enjoyable with a message for all, look outside of the box, or in this case, the square or cube. Sweet film. Thank you!

  • Hazel Feldman

    Adorable, sweet, and uplifting. Good job!

  • Bonnie

    Hmm in a world based on squares, that has never seen the likes of a circle, you would think that maybe you WOULDN’T MAKE THE BIRDS NON-SQUARE (maybe that was intentional/just terrible sculpting?).. Also what a pathetic main character, whinging pile of loser.

  • EK

    I love curves. As they are an expression of the whole.

  • Aaron

    Bravo! Nice, refreshing, and with a message… “Think outside the box!” -Ash