Comme Un Air

Comme Un Air: A pretty girl truly IS like a melody, especially on the streets of Paris.

Director: Yohann Gloaguen

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  • miguel

    very good vibes ,very good short ,congrats

  • Nikki


  • jackaleis

    Very cool short movie. I love the switches between slow and fast pace. for those who are not familiar with life in Paris,,,this is a great representation of a typical day (jambon beurre and water !! hahahaha!) of romance and beauty..well got my vote

  • sydney

    The short shows how one small event, such as the singing of a song, can change someone’s day for the better.

  • Charlie

    I can’t get the smile off my face!

  • Claire

    I love it and can’t stop singing the song now!…

  • Linda K

    I really enjoyed this short. The music has a sexual feeling. Paris, the background! Did you notice how clean the tube? even the floors shine! That song WELL DONE!

  • Regis

    Brilliant, can’t stop singing and smiling!

  • marilyn

    Wonderful tour of Paris-can feel you are right back there

  • Cendrine

    So good ! Seach a great idea ! Finally people you don’t know listen to you everywhere ! Thanks !

  • Angelina

    so beautiful! i love this short! Thank You Thirteen!

  • Sandy

    One of the best of all your shorts! Ever. Beautifully conceived, crafted, paced and toned.

  • Peter

    I loved this piece, how our lives are intertwined; and that old and young can feel good from each other. Makes you feel good. TY

  • Valerie

    Great short and so sweet.

  • Barry Dugan

    Video will not play. What kind of a set-up do you have.

  • Lynda

    I love this short. I just sat at my desk and smiled both times I watched it.

  • Harriet Garr

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all the world was like this. The film gave me a warm feeling.

  • shandra

    Fantastic! Also shows how fit the Parisians are – comparing them to New Yorkers will be very fair, indeed!

  • albert

    *sniff* *sniff* this makes me hate women even more

  • Tiger Woods

    This had me singing, too.

  • jinjuice

    It felt like a Sprint commercial…stay connected anyone?

  • Jen

    Does anyone know where one can find the version featured in the film? I can only find the french pop version.

  • alyssum

    I’d really like to know where I can find out more about this melody. For lack of a better term, I’m quite… in love with it. Would anyone happen to know more about it?

  • Vince

    It is great. It is the fragrance of Europe, and a woman as beautiful as nature it self.

  • Deborah

    We often overlook the brilliance found in short films. Bravo! Amex…take me to Paris.

  • Nancy

    A delightful,reprieve from the world’s craziness and a nice nod to men who love women.

  • Ann

    Charming, so charming. Thank you.

  • dannie

    this shot was amazingly arorable and sweet as women are