Cold Noodles

A man flagrantly tempts fate as he eats noodles on a fire escape – in nothing but his underwear.

Directed by Kirsten Tan.

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  • Robert


  • Nikki

    I liked the young man taking off his hat at the end, as a sign of respect. But, I wonder why, in the beginning, he didn’t knock on the window to get someone’s attention.

  • vicki

    this is so much fun! it is awesome! very entertaining and very original! hope you win, Kirsten Tan!

  • venarse

    you are my idol. i adore you, boobies.

  • kirsten tan

    hey nikki, thanks for watching the short. personally i just assumed that since he was from the house and got locked out, he would naturally know if there was someone in the house or not. In this case, he was alone and had no need to knock on the window.

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  • April Wolff

    interesting but with reservations. why did he not check to see if the older guy was alive first. are we to see him as heartless? why didn’t he try to contact medical help. he doesn’t SEEM insensitive, yet it leaves me wondering in a good way whether he is, how he thinks, etc. Don’t think it would work longer though. Perhaps. It reminds me of Antonioni’s characters, the eternally anomic Monicca Viti. i LOVE black and white. Hate 3D. So glad it’s failing again. As an old fart, I wish they’d put the shorts and indies earlier and the old stuff earlier. Why do people have this Oedipal need to think older people are uncool and not interested in experimental stuff. Example, I talked to a woman at a little theatre in my hood. Asked what was playing. She said “Well, you might be interested in Chekhov.” How utterly condescending. Because we don’t look great, a great liberation, ladies, doesn’t mean we aren’t interested in new stuff. Even if much is so so at best. The best two plays I’ve seen in NYC in the last few years were “Architecting” at PS something in the East Village. And Sister Melitta’s Bible Camp, a fake and very funny bible camp with sisters in drag, by the Mississippi Theatre Co, something like that. I went with another Southern friend. We were rolling on the floor at jokes yankees just didn’t get. They made Ambrosia, the worst dessert in the world. De rigeur for every holiday. Too bad no one wants to hear about Southern whites like me who were in the civil rights movement. From all over, including Alabama and Mississippi.

  • Nikki

    Hi kirsten, Thanks for your response. It good to know that the filmmakers are reading the comments. I didn’t think of the building as a house where everyone knew who was there or had gone out. I’ve lived most of my life in big cities, in buildings where you don’t know your neighbors. And that’s why I thought he wouldn’t know if anyone was in the apartment or not, and would have knocked just in case.


    Life goes on my friends, life goes on. The young fellow checked to see if he was still alive, he did. But why didn’t the elderly lady stop? The young fellow tried to get her attention.
    Any way, the message is: everything is recyclable in our world.