Childhood memories are expressed in poetic images as a woman remembers life after moving to Brooklyn.

Directed by Natalya Serebrennikova

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  • Gary

    I adore the attention to detail created by the artist. It is not a rose colored hindsight of her childhood but a strong remembrance of the quirks of a moving to a new area.

  • Toni

    This is a great video. The images were beautifully drawn and I liked the fact that the text feed just the right amount of information to support the illustrations. A lovely story.

  • JB

    This video is both precise and romantic. Beautiful images of hands and holding.

  • Vanessa Holley

    I love the inspiring simplcity of the images. The animation and music aptly portrayed the simple and moving truths of this child.

  • SX

    the color transition to brooklyn was cool. so was the the rows of crows…overall, it’s quite powerful imagery. I loved it!

  • Bacala

    By far the best video on this site.

  • ricardo

    This is a beautiful and thoughtful work!

  • Alexander Oreshkin

    With intrest and some nostalgia saw this video!
    I like it!

  • DC_Jersey

    Great story of moving to a new culture; attention to detail was incredible!!!

  • herb

    A lovely, lovely experience for the viewer. I was disappointed that it did not extend for minutes more. The birds, plastic bag, bright fingernails – such pleasant surprises. The words, poetry. Thank you!

  • Karen

    A beautiful blend of music and images. The music lends a whimsical feel to the film. Enchanting!

  • Pol


  • cicada


  • SX

    This entry should have won on the merits of being the best short film. Isn’t that the basis of the competition? Jim’s streetside artwork deserves recognition too, but awarding first place to an umimpressive film unfairly takes away the spotlight from this more deserving young artist. The least that Channel 13 could do is to also air this fantastic runner up alongside the winning entry.

  • SR

    What???? Are you kidding me??? This short did not win?? Not possible. It was brilliantly done with a lot of heart and soul. Look for her in the future; she’s got talent.

  • Sarah Starr

    beautiful. you are a sweet girl, tasha. your story was sweet and a little meloncholy, like cello music played by a professional.

  • Andres F Otero

    I liked how the drawing was suggested and yet it gave me a clear picture of the places the girl went. I want to see more! keep them coming!

  • Tatyana

    Very expressively! Beautiful!

  • Julia Przybos

    a lovely piece

  • Yvette Morales

    I loved the simplicity, very beautiful!

  • Milusha

    Very sincerity! Feelingful movie! Good play!

  • Anne Blatt

    Anne Blatt I loved your animation. It is a very poetic and sensitive animation. The music was beautiful. Thanks for sending it to me

  • Bikki

    Lovely. The film lets you remember. For me it was a forest, fireflies and dogwood in Riverdale in the early 50’s. Now it’s all concrete. Thanks for the memories.

  • Ben Slatkin

    I love this piece and I’m dying to know what happens next. The observance of colors and textures of location are wonderful. Thank you!

  • Ruby

    I loved the way the music worked with the images. Lovely drawings, especially the birds on the wires.

  • Vilma Díaz y Zarate

    Exquisite! Well thought, expressed; beautiful images and deep message! Congratulation also on the music selection!

  • Tom Bowler

    Most poetic combination of music, thoughts and beautiful images.

  • Amy

    It was a pleasure watching your work. Beautiful words, images, and music.

  • Michelle Adler

    “Cicada” is an impressively illustrated, poignant film. The sensitivity of this film is beautifully expressed through your extraordinary, artistic talent. Congratulations, Natalya! Michelle

  • Hirah

    where do i click to vote for this?

  • Ana

    The music is beautiful

  • Nathan


  • mary

    Beautiful imagery, lovely and poignant words and music choice…just wonderful