Chicasblue: A poetic meditation on the childhood of a sister.

Directed by Daniela Merino

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  • Maria Cristina Tobar


  • sonia chandra

    wow what an amazing film – truly poetic!! absolutely beautiful story…

  • Kati

    Dani- I love it. My inner child is dancing in fields, crying to melodies, and remembering what it is to be free. Thank you!

  • Kati

    Dani- I love it. My inner child is dancing in fields, crying to melodies, and remembering what it is to be free. Thank you!

  • Lise

    A lovely portrait of a girl’s transformation into womanhood with a breathy poetic loss of innocence. Truly mesmerizing.

  • Kevin Chicas

    A truly quixotic portrait of childhood and womanhood, Daniela Merino’s CHICASBLUE signals the arrival of a mesmerizing talent. Well done!

  • Merino

    This is crap!

  • Philippe

    I love it, just poetic


  • Pedro M. Concha

    What a sweet, delicate and beautifully done film. I agree with Kevin Chicas assessment, it signals the arrival of a great talent even though those who know her knew it was there. Well done Dani!!!

  • Gaby Szacilo

    Wonderful emotions of childhood’s sweet and fragile innocence. A good reminder to continue to live in the present moment and rejoice being “everything I need to be.”


    Espectacular Tia Chinta!!! te felicito, vas a ganar ya vas a ver!!!!


    Espectacular Tia Chinta!!! te felicito, vas a ganar ya vas a ver!!!! Te mando un beso grande

  • Maria Pirovano

    I really liked this short film. As I have 3 sisters and 1 close in age, I can relate to this film. Very poetic and sweet…

  • Elena Laso M

    It is a beautiful short film, it seems we will have an artist in our country. It is incredible all the feelings it suggests in such a short time.

  • christian Franco

    Is faboluos mcongratulation, this is a real ART

  • mila

    te deseo mucha suerte Daniela estoy segura que todo se pasara muy bien pues tu film es muy bonito.

  • ella

    you are really the best..i know you can do it.i really love your film,you are amazing..i love you ate daniela..go for the gold…

  • renzy

    job well done poh!!!!!!!!!!!! congratulations you are really amazing…

  • Amalia de la Cerda Pérez

    Que sensacional, es un video hermoso, las imágenes, el guión espectacular. COMO SIEMPRE todas tus obras llegan al corazón con una belleza total y profunda


    this is incredible

  • renzy

    it was beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • janet nunez

    Congratulations Dani, you let us share the sensitivity we all hnew it was there. keep on offering us your talent

  • Lissette Eche

    This was a very sensitive film that reminded me my own childhood. It made feel very emotional. Good use of the poetry. Good luck!

  • Amparo

    great job, Dani!

  • Mireille

    This poetic journey of transformation will strike a chord in all of us. Lovely!

  • Maria Tere

    Lindo, bueno, profundo, en tiempos exactos, hermosa fotografía lograda, claridad en las expresiones. Buen trabajo.

  • mariana

    Bonne chance Daniela. Beso!

  • DIego Miranda

    Muy agradable, muy personal. Lo he disfrutado mucho. Buena suerte!

  • David A. Castro

    Well written, composed and edited. Congratulations on a fine production. It is sweet, dreamlike, and touches the heart.


  • Mary Carmen Zaidan

    Congratulations Dani, great job my “pichi”!!! You deserve to win! I´m proud of you, I miss you, and I miss all our moments together.

  • maria augusta

    Qué bestia la Danna está idéntica a tí, pensé que eras tu a la entrada del corto.
    Bueno pichi estos son los frutos de tus pasiones. Me gusta ver tu trabajo. te quiero mucho.

  • Nacho Quintana

    Que bien Danny, FELICITACIONES, te fajaste mi china chusca y chirriada… sigue adelante!!!!

  • Monica

    This is wonderful!!! It is definetely the winner!!!

  • Paul Egas

    Exelente el corto

  • Maria Elena

    Hermoso ratona!!! Te quiero.

  • Crystal J.

    Absolutely lovely.

  • Bérangere Maximin

    wow, good job!

  • Pam Jusino

    We have all lost someone and their memory will linger in us, around us and through us- ALWAYS! What a truly beautiful, sensitive and yet evocative experience. Lovely, haunting and compelling.

  • Andrea

    I loved it!! This short touched my soul, brought me to my childhood’s memories and made my feelings came out, as well. How feminine!!

  • m


    Every emotion I have ever felt surfaced. Ah! This is art.