A couple’s long-distance communication turns dark during an online chat.

Directed by Leo Resnes.

Q&A with the Filmmaker

What was the inspiration for this short?

I was studying film in Australia in 2002 and I wanted to write a horror story where I could look into the different aspects of how people spend parts of their life on the Internet. In a way you don’t know who you meet out there, so I thought it would be interesting to see what happened if  “ancient evil” started using new technology. I wrote a treatment for the a feature film back in 2002 with the working title “popup killer.” It never went anywhere so in 2010 I decided I could make the beginning into a short film.

Director Leo Resnes

Director Leo Resnes

The paranormal horror film has been a major trend over the past couple years. What made you decide to attempt your own?

I wanted to see if I could make seven minute long horror film.

Describe the shooting process. How did you create your eerie visual effects?

I was very lucky and found a great location that had all the elements I needed to make the project work. I used the video chatting and the “chatter” program to expand the “world” of the story. The visuals on the computer and the video chatting were pre-recorded. We shot the main action inside the apartment over two 7.5 hour days. Working with the photographer Espen Gjelsten, I had planned the shooting schedule very carefully.

Anything you’d do differently/change about the film?

If I had the budget I would have made Chatter longer and continued the horror into the university as I had originally planned.

How have audiences reacted to the film?

I made Chatter to show what I could do with no budget. We made a website and posted it on, Youtube and After that, Chatter has lived its own life on the World Wide Web. It has been invited and screened at several film festivals around the world and recently won an award at the Malta TV Short Film Festival. We have over 142,000 views on vimeo alone and over 160 people have taken their time to give their feedback on vimeo. I appreciate that.

What are you working on now?

After Chatter I produced two short films in my spare time. I continue to write stories and now I am trying to find the right camera for my next production.

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  • Kenneth Tanner

    This is cool, it’s really scary and it has a good epic to the storyline. You guys did a great job.

  • alex g.

    This actually scared me :( but other then that great job. I want to see the whole thing as a movie :)

  • Dnise Burke

    This is awsome really awsome. This has a great plot a great storyline it’s scary. Now that’s what I like a good horror film that brings he adeionce attention. I like. I want to see the whole thing as a movie.
    I really like that.

  • Kenny

    This short film is a kick ass. That was fucking awsome. Thirteen you should show this on T.V.

  • Denise Burke

    You guys deffenetly need to make a movie out of this

  • Denise Burke

    That is so cool. You guys should make this video into a movie !

  • Brandon fermin

    That was amazing you need to put this on TV.

  • Brian Smith

    Very creepy short. I wish I had seen this earlier this year. I am a pre-screener for a film festival in NY. We could’ve used more horror style films. Keep up the great work and I will look out for more of your work. :D