Bus Stop Sonata

Bus Stop Sonata: What can a man and a woman do while waiting for the bus?

Directed by Eric Levy

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  • Zarko Ivanovic

    Life is Great, and this film too!!!



  • David Brooks

    Very original piece. I thought he was going to break out the chocolate to her peanut butter, but then it took an unpredictable turn and shined unique. Nice music too that perfectly suits the picture without being a distraction. Well Done.

  • Lauren Skalina

    Yay Eric!!

  • SarahBrooks

    What a great film! The audio and the visual combined to create a fabulous feature.

  • Ron Moskowitz

    Excellent! Great job!

  • Sophia

    Aww, that was sweet :) I loved it, Eric`s very talanted !!!

  • Ramla

    What can a man and a woman do while waiting for the bus? Is a nice video.You need to watch this video.All the best for this video.

  • June

    much success to you.

  • arun kumar

    ya….Awesome Flim …Its like a real Incident …amazing….

  • molly

    Very nice! Original and entertaining.
    Greag job Alex!

  • pushpamma

    This film is very entertaining and valuable

  • Gregory

    That girl is beautiful! Does anyone know who she is?

  • Luck

    Loved this Film, the music is simply sublime!!

  • volitma

    i know her- or know of her. She was a big star in Montenegro- her home country. her name is Giordona Aviv.

  • Andres

    Great film, great idea. Congrats

  • ruth

    Felt the flashback of my past life. Beautifully said.

  • Marifé

    Youth is inmortal. I felt young again!

  • Lenwood Long

    I was not able to view the film.

  • Vernon H. Uecker

    Story line was simple and quite self-evident. Cute! “Falling” just didn’t cut it for me. I didn’t quite understand where the story line was headed. The 3rd film was more of a documentary than conveying a story.

  • Lisa Larkin

    What a delightful film and a great way to start my day!

  • Becky Roth

    A lovely piece. Enjoyed it very much.

  • Sherry Jenkins

    I thought this was very original and how life should be – sharing even with strangers. I liked the music and thought it blended very nicely with the theme.

  • Johnny

    I did not intend to vote for this film. My vote is for “Leaving Ground Zero” but you can’t “un-vote”, this film was cute but “Leaving Ground Zero” is better.

  • Lucinda

    such a sweet and endearing short — really captures a sentiment for me, that we all experience.

  • Bernie

    The two were always separated physically, but were brought together by the food. Good.

  • Colleen Kelly

    One of my favorite Actors—Alex Vallecillo-Bone!!!!

  • Eric

    Thanks for all all the votes, and awesome comments! You guys rock!

  • David

    This was a great feel good movie, well done, and just made me smile. Great job!

  • Maureen

    Simpley GREAT!….Now that is Life!

  • John




  • William Powers

    A fine short film.

  • Nancy J

    This short is just so engaging. Subtle and darling. I love it!

  • Charlotte Writer

    Witty amusing and full of joy.

  • Simeon Kezengwa

    this is wonderful… very ideally that this may or rather can happen in new york city. great job! best of luck!

  • beri sathish

    the lady is the good selection of the movie and short also very good all the credit will go to the producer

  • Ramesh

    It’s great. It is original & great feel

  • veronica

    Wonderful, fresh and entertaining! Loved the music and all the smiles!

  • Briana

    Eric, I love this!! Thank you for making it!!!

  • Rivkah

    What a lovely short :) Very sweet.

  • Habbo

    Por favor revisen la honestidad de còmo estàn votando por este video. Me asombro por la duplicidad en tan escasos segundos.
    Buscando siempre la competencia honesta.
    Gracias por su servicio.

  • reji

    well,it is great attempt,you have to choose camera angles more.
    specifically. and the editing

  • Dana

    What a delightful blend of story line, photography, and music! This brightened my day. Even the sometimes awkward view supported the very human story.

  • Alex Bone

    Thanks to everyone who voted! And thanks, Eric and Gordana, for the opportunity to work with you.

  • Juan Albano

    Congrats Eric, Alex and Gordana!
    Thanks to the hundreds of voters!

  • Eric Levy

    Thank you so much everyone for your votes, comments, and support! This has been an amazing experience for me!!!

  • Elliot

    Really nice Film Eric. The music was perfect to set the exciting mood of meeting a new stranger/friend/and possibly more. Congrats!

  • oscar garcia


  • Rosie Gross

    Ron and I enjoyed the film so much! It was absolutely delightful! Wonderful job, Eric.

  • eloisa

    Very good J enjoyed the film very much

  • jess

    Love the music !!!Excellent story!

  • sara

    great job!

  • Bill Turnier

    This was lovely. A great job by all involved, Alex Giordana and Eric.

  • Ruth

    Eric Levy – 5 Bravos…..keep ‘perkin’ – very creative and adorable – loved the music also!

  • Alex

    And thank you Juan. Because this music is perfect.

  • Quincy Campbell

    Unable to view the film
    Good luck

  • Giordona Aviv (Jenell )

    Thanks to all of you who voted.Eric and Alex-It was a wonderful experience working with you. Juan- I love the score you did!See you guys all on Saturday!

  • T Reynolds

    Finally! Something fresh, and GOOD!

  • Naomi & Joe Kessler

    Good Feeling Film!
    Mazel Tov, Boychik, on winning!
    With Love,
    Mr & Mrs.K.

  • Maricel

    I loved it and the music’s great!

  • Elizabeth

    Very clever & fun to watch. Great music, too! Congratulations!

  • Harvey A. Immerman

    Great job, Eric. We look forward to seeing and enjoying more of your work! Our best to you and your family. Becky and Harvey Immerman

  • Harriet Guralnick

    The plot of this beautiful film put a smile on my face. Loved every moment. Hope it works out for them

  • Amrita Cheema

    This was lovely. A great job by all involved – espacially my aunt Gordana! – You are great- we love you!! Many greetings from Munich!

  • Michael Manese

    I loved it. But as a filmmaker myself, I’m always mindful of product placement whether it’s intentional or not, whether it’s a prop or music.

  • Valerie

    Fabulously cute and adorable. I enjoyed it tremendously!

  • Joe

    Didn’t I see this sometime ago? It was cute then, and still is.

  • Dhillibhai

    I think I saw a homeless person walk by while they were having their party.

  • geirge basile

    a very amusing piece…..

  • wendy

    i actually enjoy looking at this …. its very different

  • Helen Spingola

    Short and (so) sweet…

  • prudence

    Wonderful short and refreshing.

  • James Casson

    Very engaging!

  • Nikki

    Just as enjoyable the second time around.

  • Evan

    Alex Bone is the greatest actor of our generation.