Break-ups: The Series – Katy & Ted

Break-ups: The Series – Katy & Ted: Chicago-style improv meets Neil Sedaka-sentiment in this dark comedy.

Directed by Ted Tremper

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  • Tanya

    This film is completely hilarious and must be familiar to everyone who sees it. We’ve all either been in a bad relationship or watched our friends go through a similar situation. It’s well shot and perfectly executed. Run away, Ted!!

  • Amanda

    Funny, funny, funny, and so very truthful!

  • Ted

    Thank you all so much for watching! I hope you enjoy!



  • B.Long

    Very nice film ted…

  • Lindsay

    Ted…i thought you were soo funny and totally enjoyed that clip..I would’ve love to see more. I couldnt figure out how to vote??

  • Jazmin

    This film was very funny. My only objection is to the excessive profanity. I wanted to slap Ted he was so pathetically spineless. You know Ted….she isn’t even that good looking! LOL

  • robert C. Fischer

    So much better that Ted’s “starting something” again. Both know
    that making up is what really keeps them together.

    Don’t agree? You never do!

  • Rosanne

    What a wimp. Katy is better off without him. Can’t judge however without knowing the rest of the relationship. He doesn’t deserve her.

  • Stephanie

    My G-d how could he date her if he feels that way.

  • Ghassan Chami

    nice work, go Ted go, best of luck

  • rick elias

    Great film, excellent dialogue betweeen the both of them, it just takes you to the core of a breakup and yet it’s very funny at the same time, due to all the arguing between both of them.