Bon Voyage

Bon Voyage: This stop-motion animation is a trip unto itself.

Director: Allyssa Kaiser

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  • Lisa

    Five stars.

  • Anthony

    Really great animation!
    Great score of music!
    Looks professional.

  • Ashley

    Very cool.
    I like the slow motion with the mini Eiffel Tower.

  • julie

    Saw this at the Flyway Film Festival in October
    I agree 5 stars it is clever yet fun.

  • Sam

    Really cool, actually enjoyed it enough to watch it twice!
    5 stars

  • Tim

    Very nice animation short! Love the music and the flow of the film. Makes you want to go on vacation!

  • Seth

    Beautiful work of advertising art!

  • Jordan

    This animation film made me smile! Love the music! Colorful and inviting to watch! Good job!

  • Carol Steward

    Great job!! Look out Hollywood!! Hope you win too!

  • lindsey

    Fantastic and Fun! Cheerful film with unique shots!! Loved it!

  • Nicola H

    Very nice film – wish I had a suitcase that packed itself!


  • Max HT

    I think that was awsome. I have not the patience for this. Great job!!! I want things that pack themselves and all that! Thats skill right there. That video was wicked sweet

  • Kelsey

    Wow. Did you all really watch this film? No vote from this girl.

  • nice atmosphere

    music and images are well orchestrated, this is a successful experiment!

  • L. Kaiser

    CONGRATULATIONS ALLYSSA!!! Great job on your animation film! You also did an awesome job at getting out the word about the contest and letting your friends, family, classmates, and fellow film makers see all the great short films REEL 13 has!!

  • Mary P.

    Allyssa – you rock!!!!

  • Mary

    Very nice Allyssa, Makes me want to go to France because you only need two pairs of pants and a couple shirts! That is packing light! Really enjoyed your short.

  • Jason

    Nice animation. These take alot of time to put together, i know, i have done a few. The music really adds to the uplifting feeling you get from this “happy” film short! Its great to see a high school student put something together so well!

  • Joel Vetsch

    Nice! :D

  • Marilyn

    What an uplifting video animation! Just makes you smile. Love the part where the pop tarts load themselves into the toaster!

  • David

    Nicely scored animation….has good flow. The story line is also easy to understand. This is one of those animations you have to watch several times because of the catchy music and you just gotta see those pop tarts jump in the toaster!!Great Job Allyssa.

  • Peter T.

    What a CHEERFUL short! It was really great to watch a 3 minute film that tells a story in such a short time. Awesome job from beginning to end.

  • Krissi O.

    Cute:) I wish i had a pink suitcase!

  • Olivia

    Oh,If only my lugage self-packed like that! ;-)

  • Dave P

    I would not classify this as a short film compared to the other nominees. Very well done but I found after a minute I was bored and waiting for more to happen, style has been done before a thousand times over.

  • Allyssa Kaiser

    I made this video when I was sixteen. It was my first time working with stop motion, which is a timeless medium. I’m very proud of it, and I’m glad many of you enjoyed it. Unfortunately, I can’t please everyone. Thanks for all the support, guys! It motivates me to continue making videos!

  • Ellen S.

    Nice Job!!!!! Great job for a teenager.

  • Frank

    Congratulations on the contest. Enjoyed your animation short.

  • barbara

    this video should have won! i love it from start to finish. thank you for making such a great short. by the way, i would pay to be able to have the musical score on my ipod!! SERIOUSLY! LOVE IT ALL! :D)

  • Big Jim

    A Happy prediction of a n exciting trip

  • coltin

    I must say “I like this animation”!!!!!

  • Shaundra

    I’ve seen this animation at a film festival in Wisconsin and absolutely LOVE IT!!! It was one of the favorites of the audience there. Still love the catchy tune… na na naaaaa!

  • Kevin & Kristine

    Very cute! Upbeat animation!

  • shelly

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this animation!!!! Just makes you SMILE!!!

  • Lauren

    SO SO CUTE! LOVE the music, flows so nicely. Great Job Allyssa!