Bluebeard’s Wife

Bluebeard’s Wife: A baseball cap carelessly tossed away leads to a wife’s shocking discovery.

Directed by Bobby Webster

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  • Nikki

    Beautiful, frighting and scarry! And with a nod to Peter Lorre and Fritz Lang (“Hall of the Mountain King” from Peer Gynt being wistled), and a nod to Hitchcock, too, with the shot of the shower head. I look forward to seeing more excellent work from Bobby Webster.

  • David E

    Haunting…very haunting. And such poignant commentary on not wanting to confront reality.

    Great acting too!

  • nadya

    morbid memory that is part of our private lives

  • Liam

    Wonderful acting and yes, very haunting indeed!

  • Ann Nyberg

    Joan Barber is wonderful in this. The film is very Alfred Hitchcock, and who doesn’t miss his work?
    I can also tell you that Joan has a delicious comedic side and you need to check it out in the webisode “50 To Death” Seinfeld for grownups!

  • Noah Finz

    Very well done.
    I knew something evil was coming, but still surprised by discovery.

  • Suzi Craig

    Joan: amazing, edgy and incredibly well done!

  • Dale Soules

    Dear Joan,
    I loved the film and want to vote for it but so far I can’t figure out how to do that. Let me know and I will cast my vote.

  • Pamela Remler

    Well done.
    How do I vote?

  • Promy Bari

    I think It’s a powerful short theme because it reveals the relationship between the spouse. she feels very insecure and doesn’t want to get involved with his business.

  • dimitrik

    this shows how insecure this woman is with her husband. she is scared to confront him (this movie is sick)

  • Steven John Bosch

    Alexander MacKendrick was right. The mark of an excellent film is that the story can be told even without one word of dialogue.

  • koslowski.richard

    You can’t argue over taste, obviously, and art as a niche market always had its own rules of getting/producing acclaim, but still: in terms of why short movies live the life of the dark twin concerning public awareness, this one (amongst so many others) is iconic.
    Good to excellent craftsmanship drowns in long shots that overemphasize a given scene’s symbolic and/or plot advancing qualities.
    While the combination of muted dialogue and muted music leading up to muted action might cultivate a deeper understanding of the given story, it does not necessarily lead to a deeper emotional involvement with the story. This last point, however, should be seen as crucial to the medium – even supposedly objective news channels cater emotions as a first point of major interest.
    While time, budget and aesthetic aspirations dictate a large part of the individual film making process, directors (and editorial boards) might want to keep in mind the following:
    Dramatic action is not restricted to blowing things up just as muted action is not restricted to having things erode over time.

  • mik

    i made a mistake in the vote. i pressed the wrong button so you can disqualify one vote for bluebeards wile. I want this for all to see.