Blank Spaces

Blank Spaces: Dave proves that you can love the environment while still making your mark on the world.

Directed by Rajneel Singh

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  • Jacob Anderson

    My favorite film out of the three, it’s production value was top notch, the acting seemed good, and the message was clear and straight to the point. Great job!

  • Nikki

    Unique. Unusual. Unlike the all others. What a pleasure to watch! Thank you for such a nice short.

  • Zack

    What an excellent short film. Hats off to Rajneel Singh for writing a novel in one page. Even without dialogue this film tells the viewer so much more than the other two, hands down.

  • h Brooks

    I found it very uplifting

  • Beth Bernett

    totally agree with the others. should have won!

  • lola debra

    My favorite, too. JOY!

  • tray

    A Eurocentric point of view about naming and claiming what belongs to US ALL.

  • Caitlin

    Well shot and edited, and very appealing acting. I’m reminded of the line from Charlotte’s Web, “People will believe anything they read in print.” This film updates that sentiment, gently making fun of how we can feel validated by pixels in the virtual world. Even if, like many of us, Dave is a little too enamored of technology, at least his quest brings him out into nature! I like him and am happy for his success.


    This film reflects how I feel every morning when I wake up and find that I am still in GOD’s land of the living and have a chance to discover something new and beautiful about our world!

  • Chris R

    I am doing a project for my film class where we have to watch 50 short videos and include 5 of them into an imaginary festival. This video was very well made, I enjoyed it very much. I am definitely including this in my fake festival! Great job, very inspirational!