Black Rainbow

Black Rainbow: An animated meditation on the destruction of nature by human beings.

Directed by Jisuk Jung

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  • soph

    absolutely love it

  • walter

    that was lovely!

  • Guy Suabedissen

    Simple, direct and powerful comment on what civilization is losing.

  • Ewan

    A very well made poignant,apocalyptical,depressing film.

  • yesenia ruiz

    Watch it with my 4 yr old daughter. She loved the 3D affect. She voted for it…lol

  • Susan Bertha

    Beautiful film .Are you sure it is not just commenting on life as it is? Suggesting we feel bad without suggesting alternatives is just wallowing.Beautiful piece of art.

  • Linda K

    This film made me feel many emotions! As Guy S. writes. Simple direct and powerful. I also like the music and use of color. Well Done!