Bigger Than You

A girl who thinks she’s the biggest person in the world learns to finally accept herself for what she really is. Small.

Directed by: Jon Stahl

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  • Stacey Saal

    Refreshing! As children we tend to be too aware of how small we are. This little girld grew up very fast, and with a promissing happy ending: she knew to ask for forgiveness… And stand on her grounds with Hollywood!!

  • Davina

    I vote

  • Frank

    great message. kind of got bored tho.

  • Ted Lewis

    I really dug it–like a fable and poignant!

  • Philip

    What a pro. Can’t wait to see her with an Oscar

  • Spencer Brooks

    Nice short film. I tried clicking on the Vote button, but all I was able to do is post this comment.

  • Hofit Kahn

    I try to vote for this one but the vote button didn’t click???

  • Linda Lieberrman

    Tried to vote for this film; button didn’t click!

  • Marissa

    So sweet!

  • Lars

    Cinematography, sound track, and narration created a container that was able to hold the feel of a magical fable. Well done Jon!

  • imango

    awesome video mr stahl!!!!!!!!!!!
    all of Stephen S wise is voting for bigger than you!!!

  • Jen B

    Nice work John. BUT i am bigger than u :)

  • Sam

    Cute bratty kids, but I think there was a whole lot more work and talent that went into the animated short, Snowdrifter. Sorry, just my opinion.

  • Jon Stahl

    Keep the comments coming, I love ’em! Thanks for watchng everybody (and for voting!)

  • Nancy Elsa’s

    Very creative and enjoyable !

  • chris and peter

    very well cut; easy to follow with a cute story.This has our vote for sure!

  • Peter Sheahan (dad)

    Really enjoyed the pace and the content. Very well done!!

  • Nikki

    Nice voice over work.

  • sharon Kahenassa

    This was great!!!!

  • Lauren

    That’s me! Thank u everyone for voting! I tried to vote but it didn’t work!?!?

  • Jon Stahl

    Lauren, is that you, my little actress? I hope so! Try again tomorrow at school :) Maybe in the library?

  • Leon Adelman

    Very cute.
    “I’m bigger than you, elm!” Ha!

  • Mack Carruthers

    Very cute and full of whimsy! Well shot and fantastically narrated. Congratulations!

  • Jon Stahl

    Thanks Mack! Very gracious of you. I like yours very much, I’m sorry there couldn’t be 3 winners…

  • lauren

    I won! the other films were really good though!

  • Nikki

    Lauren – hope to see you in lots of films to come!

  • Marton


  • Dnet

    I like that it simply showed that this child had great self esteem but also realized to take a step back and show respect . With those two traits, she can go far. More kids should have that realization. Good short!

  • katherin

    Wow a beautiful girl, you brought a big smile to my face and a sweet feeling to my heart. Thanks, love you.