Better: It’s hard for a romance to work when one person looks back while the other moves forward.

Directed by Joey Tran

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  • Nikki

    A uniquely presented concept, and a well tied up conclusion. So many writers these days don’t understand the importance of a an ending (curtain line, tag line, end scene). I misted over at the end, and that feeling is still with me as I write this. And that’s the effect a story should have on its audience.

  • Adam

    This is like recording someones conversation talking about her boyfriend, and going on a road trip and shooting random stuff. To me it doesn’t make sense people in this days will record random stuff that has nothing to do with the story and put it there just to have a footage. Come on, thats not a way. Everything you shoot and use in the film have to be involved and engaged with the story. That is why some of the old movies are more successful then the new ones. Just take this one advise from me, when your shooting a film everything should matter don’t turn your back on anything..

  • UnimpressedHipster

    The footage of the boy in this film I read as showing the stark contrast between her thoughtful approach to the end of the relationship and his complete lack of caring. I thought this film was fantastic, well-filmed, personal.

  • Owen

    This film struck a chord with me. I see myself in this guy, as well as in the type of women I’ve had relationships with. It’s feels like a girlfriend describing me: sort of a nice guy who just goes along in life without any particular direction. It really makes me feel closer to both of them.