Be Like a Duck

Be Like a Duck: A music video for the song “Be Like a Duck” by Sandra Boynton’s Imaginary Musical Revue off the album Philadelphia Chickens.

Directed by Sandra Boynton

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  • BeLikeADuck

    This music video is better than Weezy’s! VOTE VOTE VOTE!

  • Nikki

    The voting on the shorts has become nothing more than friends voting for friends. It’s not voting for the short you think is best. It’s who knows the most people. The voting should be set up the way the Oscars are in that you have to actually see the film to vote on it. You should have the link to vote at the end of the films, and you have to watch all three before you can vote. The way it is now you don’t even have to watch any of them to vote. This short, as of today, Monday morning, has 231 votes and only one comment?! What does that tell you?

  • Christie Rawlings

    First saw this at a fundraiser for Salisbury Family Services. I am grateful for Sandra Boynton’s imagination, generosity and her extended family! The film is most enjoyable and the song memorable!

  • trudy s

    I laughed and laughed!

  • TW

    Let’s hope this phenom takes over the entire World Wide Webbed Feet!


    — TW

  • sheryl kennedy

    the film does not play. tried to watch it several times, but nothing.

  • s eknnedy

    ok never mind. it finally loaded, I’m gonna go watch now!

  • IT Duckie

    At first I was just curious, but it didn’t take long before I was slowing things down, feeling like a duck!…. I looked out the window, spread my wings but said, nah, I won’t go that far! But I did notice I’d started walking the walk…. talking the talk…… like a duck!

  • DZ

    What FUN – and if we could show this widely – you know, in that seasonal spirit of giving -maybe…just maybe…there WOULD be good will to all…Thank YOU!

  • uptuck

    well i did watch all 3 films now. and this is the ONE worth voting for! Lots of fun to watch. Totally original. ok so maybe the feather falling looked a little cheesy. but hey, im over it. great shots great dance movies GREAT CAST! and done by a seemingly small crew of people. its is too bad someone like nikki felt the need to flame but such is life! LOVE YOU ALL

  • kiki

    I loved it…. I’ll watch it over and over – like a Duck!

  • DucksRule!

    Yay! Go ducks! I know for a fact that this film was widely viewed and honestly voted for. Psyched for Saturday! Peace and love.

  • larue

    Great song, great singer, great dancer, great cast, great shots. Loved it!!!

  • Duck Fan #1

    LOVE IT!

  • Jon Greenbaum

    Just Awesome!!!

  • cbell

    Uptuck’s falling-feather-cheesy comment is whey off the mark. I say two thumbs up for the down.

  • scott

    great short!

  • jane

    This was so fun… great music and I am glad you won!

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  • Barbara Kovacs

    Delightful short!Hard to sit still. The graffics were fun to watch.

  • Daniel Ford

    Be Like a Duck is one of the best of this great series of shorts from the 12X12 project. Congratulations to the Boyntons et al for such good work.

  • Jane Austen

    Well, this week I did not vote for any of the films. Like a duck is cute but what is the point? I guess the Aristotelian beginning, middle, end is a thing of the past?

  • Cate

    Happy to see that “Be Like a Duck” won again this week! Although this music video does not adhere to the Aristotelian unities (can’t think of any that do, but would be curious to see one!) it has a fun story, clever details, and an encouraging message about achieving calm amid the bustle of the modern world. Ducks never experience an existential crisis. They never ask, “What is the point?” They know that the point is to BE. Like. A. Duck. =)

  • Angela

    Be Like A Duck is an awesome song and one of my great memories watching it live. My son & I love to sing this song in the car. I am a Boynton fan for life!

  • Bonnie

    Horrible lip syncing, I couldn’t sit through this. The shot at the start was so nice though! It’s a pity that shorts are always filled with music videos and animation, annoying.

  • ivan rana

    cool stuff, well shot, well directed, edited and actors were very natural too – hav not seen the other two but still like this duck stuff