Battle of the Drumlines

NYC’s best drumming teams compete for rhythmic glory.

Directed by Peter Crosby

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  • Nikki

    So much energy and so much hope!

  • shawn

    is there the whole show some where

  • Antonio

    Hi Shawn, you can visit to purchase the full DVD from the show.

  • Gary

    I was grateful to be a part of ths event. This film captures the excitement shared among audience members and participants. What an amazing opportunity to showcae this talent on a national level. I hope you win!!

  • Jamal

    That was am amazing time I love the competitions especially being apart of it

  • Rachelle

    Perhaps, this video can be showcased next week given its very close running and popularity this week! I’m sure it would make a world of a difference to these youth!

  • Chaka

    None of these kids are wearing hearing protection!

  • Diane

    you got my vote…D i BC Canada