Back Up

A man devises a unique plan for preserving his failing memory.

Directed by Mei Fa Tan and Alban Delachenal.

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  • Nikki

    We used post-its to help my father remember. Thank you, Mei Fa Tan, for letting me remember,too.

  • Eddie Tan Chin Lark

    This is a fantastic reminder of one’s person favorite moments where he will be able to know who he is in case his memory fails. Taking video, putting stickers on family photos, his photo, videos, password on his PC, etc.., all important and dear to him. This is the one of the best ideas for one to rememember who he is in case of failing momory. Cheerio to you, Mei Fa, you are giving a very proactive recommendation and hope to the senior citizens. Thanks to you and there will be better things to come for you and I hope to see more of your short stories. Thumbs up for “Back Up”.

  • Diogo

    I like it! It’s really compelling! I voted and hope you win! Congratulations!

  • GIN

    Very interesting, it strikes a deep cord

  • DgC

    Nice one, for me the best !

  • ortlieb

    I like very mutch !

  • Shela White

    Really sensitive short film – first time I would have voted for a winner!