Art Foundry

A father and son talk about working together at their metal casting shop in Queens. Their services are an integral yet often overlooked part of the sculpture making process. Projects they have worked on include the Charging Bull sculpture near Wall Street and the Iwoa Jima Monument at Arlington National Cemetery.

Directed by David Fenster

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  • Robin & Patricia Bosco

    We enjoyed viewing each of the films but especially appreciated the information contained in the Art Foundry and the video’s production. Nice to feel the compassion also between a Father and Son working together and to hear their respective life stories.

    Good Luck to each of the Artists…

    We selected the first short film, Art Foundry, but not sure that our vote took? Thank you.

  • Erik Lopez

    very intriguing.

  • Justine Chichester

    Very interesting and well done.

  • Hector E Morales

    Good information and I like the subject(unusual)Good luck!

  • Lisa Kavanaugh

    I like the simplicity of “Art Foundry”. It is straightforward and interesting subject matter told very nicely. Happy to see the working relationship between father and son. Great job!

  • Christine Mullen

    Nice job is that the bull on wall street?


    Simple and direct, the film. Honest as a work of art should be.

  • Matt Aptman

    The filmaker for each short is to be commended for their work. While the wing piece was a quaint piece but lacks the significance and undercurrents that generate substantive thought. Oswald has been covered numerous times and this piece, albeit unique in approach, left me uninspired. Ultimately I found Art Foundry to be a genuine piece of Americana; Subtel and deliberate the undertones of Studs Terkel on the filmakers perspective is palpable and fresh. Well done

  • liz

    Makes you believe in the goodness of people. Simple. Sincere. Humble and humbling. Thank you!

  • Mary

    I found this so very interesting, well-done & informative.

  • Marie G. Mullen

    A very interesting and informative story. I also enjoyed actually hearing from the owners of the art foundry speaking with such pride about the work they do.

  • El Robertson

    I enjoyed seeing a little inside look of a father-son relationship successfully working their craft in a creative and fulfilling way.

  • John

    This was a satisfying film, loved it

  • frieda

    a tender and poignant film with old world flair

  • mitchel

    WOW! I never knew that statues were made that way. Did they really do the Iwo Jima statue? Is that the famous “bull” that is in Manhattan? Amazing stuff.

  • christine berger

    loved this film, excellent inside view of an honorable trade whose beautiful creations reflect the sincere dedication and attention to detail of these craftsmen.

  • Nana

    very informative, nice to see father and son working on something they truly love. It was filmed very well.


  • Jodi

    The craftsmenship if impressive. Want to share this with my designer friends.

  • Sara

    It is so nice to see people doing what they love to do.

  • david peppi

    good work very well done.very informative

  • Maryann Rainson

    It was a very candid look at the art of sculpture finishing, and of a family working together.

  • Mo

    Absolutely wonderful! As a career development practitioner this film was of special interest to me. It is amazing to me how often life takes people in a career direction. How fortunate for us to see two people, a father and son who obviously enjoy each other’s company, doing the work they love. A gift for them and a gift for the viewer. Too often people get trapped in jobs they dislike working with people they can barely tolerate. Thank you for this gem

  • Bedi-Makky

    Bedi-Makky Art Foundry

  • alan sahakangas

    I love it!It is very human and warm.

  • christine Rafizadeh

    I found this video to be very informative. I love the fact that it is a family run business and that we as Americans can still produce something that can compete with the world.

  • Anna Hosmer

    Very honest film. very real.

  • Lori Durham

    What a fascinating story. Very interesting to know that they worked on the charging bull sculpture near Wall Street. It’s very NYC. very warm and informative story.

  • Marilyn Perlman

    So interesting, I truly learned something. In addition, loved the personal story which told a lot about these men in such short piece.

  • Jane O’Connor

    It’s amazing this work is done right in Brooklyn…who knew? A very warm human interest story that continues on a daily basis ! Love it!

  • Viviane O’Shields

    Good work. Very informative. People need to know about this story. imporant

  • Paul Z

    Was it the heat or the passion that was felt?