Art Appreciation

Art Appreciation: After getting some inspiration from a book on still-life painting, Benny decides to liven up his walls with a new piece of artwork. However, things don’t go quite as expected, and the outcome leaves us pondering whether the end really does justify the means.

Directed by Joseph Herman

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  • George Jochnowitz

    A joy and a delight. Great music.

  • Kevin

    Terrific short. Great look. Wonderful detail. Benny knows how to roll. Thanks, Joseph!

  • Joe Herman

    Hi all, neglected to mention in the credits that Art Appreciation was created with Animation Master, the insanely great software by Hash Inc.

  • Gerry

    Easily the nicest because the most fun with a clear story line. I am also a fan and user of Hash’s Animation Master and it’s nice to see it used more and more for professional level animation projects.

  • kalil

    Love it! Original and funny. Cool work.

  • Jesse

    Nice one. Besides the 3D look, I like the message: If something negative happens, just change your point of view and your adversity will turn into an asset! I guess it pays to have an open mind. Cool.

  • Dale

    Great! Benny is delightful. Well done short.

  • ana

    wow ….lol that is ‘creativity in creativity’ both in the FILM and the director. very funny, it was great

  • zulie

    that character looks like steve buscemi, a little. very cute film.

  • Judy

    It was a tough choice this week. I could have voted for all three shorts! I enjoyed this short; it reminded me of me, frustration and all, but then making the most of it, although I would have revealed the rest of the brick wall!