Ark: An unknown virus decimates the population, sending one man on a search for uninhabited land. He may save the world – but has he lost himself?

Directed by Grzegorz Jonkajtys

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  • Nikki

    Unique and Dostoyevsky-ish with a touch of Kafka. Very well done. Hauntingly lit and nicely scored. It got my vote this week.

  • Viewer

    Just a bit too trite, using elements I’ve seen over and over again in film. As I was watching the short, it felt like I’d already seen it!

  • Robert C. Fischer

    Ark was unique in its style, consistent in its mood, and mind-grasping in it’s surprising revelations and the reactions each
    evoked. A very different piece of film that’s more than worthy
    of winning.

  • Kelsey

    Well this film certainly deserved more votes. The rendering was excellent and the plot came together nicely.

  • Rosanne

    I voted for this film by accident. I am not into artificial people. I meant to vote for the first film about the scorned lover.