Ann’s Hoard

Ann’s Hoard: A woman walks the viewer through her collections, explaining the importance of eBay, wigs, and the perfect vase.

Directed by Ellen Lake

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  • Jane Austen

    This is a wonderful short. But hasn’t it shown on Reel 13 already? For me I wanted to know a little more about the why as opposed to the what. We see what she collects, but why does she do it?

  • Nikki

    I agree with Jane Austen’s comments, and I’d add to that, where is the tag line? Thinking that the character would be a good grandmother and not a good mother, is NOT a tag line. This is not Pinter. You can’t just leave the audience sitting there.

  • Rosanne

    I sell on ebay and hope that this woman will be my customer. However, the basic story, is BORING!!!