A Brooklyn girl’s inner monologue becomes narrator in this study of identity and perception.

Directed by James Arrabito.

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  • James Arrabito

    the link is busted!!!! watch it here and vote

  • Cheryl

    Fantastic acting…

  • Lola

    I am realy impressed with this acting and this piece overall! You picked a great actress for Annabel/Kati!

  • Jorge

    Her acting was very very good,love the music….interesting definite a winer !!

  • anapana padme kouri

    Creating a message of Hope and Heart is hopeful and heartfull, but not easy, as each of these films demonstrates. To carry the Message of Hope one must necessarily examine Despair, and to do that one must endure, all over again, the Pain of a Broken Heart, maybe even go a little crazy.

    Inspired by each of the filmmakers when I first viewed each of these Films, I noted the different Genres of each and wondered at the unfairness of comparing each to the other. This morning I realized that each addressed the experience of Despair and Hope, maybe even a little bit of the Insanity that can come to really rescue us from the Abyss of Depression, allow us to find an “edge” we can grasp when everything about everything is telling us that the raw hardness of not knowing anymore why we are doing what we are doing would be relieved instantly if we just Let Go.

    Without seeing each of these films in full, it’s impossible to know if any one of them addresses the paradox of “Letting Go”, but in their offerings I am impelled to observe that in Annabel, filmmaker James Arrabito, finds the Heart and Hope to portray first the immeasurable psychic pain from which most people run screaming down the hall. Aversion may be viewed as a healthy response from the psychotherapist’s chair, but the Serenity of Spirit comes when we know as well the Skill and Wisdom that comes from sitting down deeply into such Pain to discover that its terrible eternity is also evanescent: the darkness of the Deep dissolves into the Dance of the newly born Butterfly.

    There are Butterflies throughout The Emerging Face of a Nationless World; Unwind tries our patience as we wait for a “sign” that redemption, if not reconciliation, will occur; but, it is in Annabel that “those moments” we all know so intimately are surely shown to us; and while we revisit our own discomfort, we find ourselves extending our Hope to our heroine as well, and necessarily then, the Hopeful invitation we may have needed to hear once again ourselves, too.

    Well Done to all of the Filmmakers, and great thanks to Reel 13 for making this viewing and competition possible. Annabel should surely win.

  • Susan Palermo

    A well paced short offering with a nuanced and credible performance by Kati Rediger. This film will resonate with many female 20-something city dwellers, and with those who remember that solipsistic and fraught period in their own lives.